Makes Some Noise With “The Heist” for Astonishing Adventures

As part of the Astonishing Adventures line for Mutants & Masterminds, we’re updating and re-releasing a few short adventures from earlier editions of the game for players who might have enjoyed them back then, or haven’t had the opportunity to do so in the fourteen years or so since the Third Edition of M&M launched.

“The Heist” was originally a sample adventure in the Second Edition rulebook, as a classic comic book scenario where two supervillains and their henchmen rob a bank. It was intended as a “teaching adventure” for players new to the game to learn the ropes, and you can still use it as such. It’s also a good sample adventure to use to give new players a taste of how Mutants & Masterminds plays, for conventions and demo games.

If you are new to game-mastering M&M, take a look at how “The Heist” is set up and its advice to Gamemasters, particularly the Involving the Heroes section and the Hero Points headers scattered throughout, which look at opportunities to introduce Complications and award players Hero Points during play. The second part of the adventure also contains two classic Challenge Sequences: A rescue from a collapsing building, and a chase scene to prevent the villains’ escape! Good examples of how to set up and run these staples of the game. There are guidelines to modify the adventure as well for different sized groups and different power levels.

We hope you enjoy this M&M “blast from the past” without needing the kind of hearing-protection that your heroes will, once Rant starts to make some noise!

Available now in the Green Ronin Online Store, and on DriveThruRPG!