Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans for Fantasy AGE!

Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans for Fantasy AGE!

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Diehard Fantasy AGE fans remember the first edition book Fantasy AGE Lairs, a book that provided a group of unique locations and scenarios for Game Masters to introduce heroes to. Now that we’ve transitioned to the second edition of the game and the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook, we’ve decided to return to a classic location from that book to commence a new stream of support for the game: Fantasy Age Journeys.

A Fantasy AGE Journeys supplement doesn’t just upgrade a prior location for the current edition of the game, however. In addition to that, and any tweaks and corrections, each Journeys book will expand its original location. And thus, we present to you…

Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans

Long ago, sinister godlike beings, giants in the land, converged for unspeakable, dark business, combining their sorcery for some forgotten purpose. Centuries later, their skulls gaze over the valley their magic has corrupted. Now, evil whispers in the hearts of beasts, and would be hunters, foresters, and guardians of nature have become enraptured by the auras of the so-called titans. Some have become servants of the titans without knowing it, as their love for the valley becomes a compulsion to unleash horrors upon visitors. Others know the evil they obey, but they are skilled at pretending to be victims of the dark, or allies against it. When the master of the valley calls upon the powers of the skulls, what will the heroes do?

Return to the Valley of the Whispering Titans presents a supernatural wilderness location for Fantasy AGE, along with major adversaries, possible rewards, and two adventures—one where characters confront the Dark Druid who claims to be the master of the valley, and another where the forces of the valley rise, and risk resurrecting an ancient evil with the heroes’ own unwitting cooperation! A new adventure, treasure, and creatures expand the Valley of the Whispering Titans beyond its original first edition treatment.