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Conventions Galore!

Chris and Nicole are at [url=http://www.conquestla.com/]Conquest LA[/url] at the LAX Marriott, today through Monday. Mutants & Masterminds creator and Line Developer Steve Kenson is at DunDraCon this weekend, in San Ramon, CA. Next weekend d20 Line Developer Robert J. Schwalb is the guest of honor at Gamicon XI, in Iowa City, Iowa. If you’re anywhere […]

WFRP Previews

In case you’ve ever found yourself thinking, I wonder what those Green Ronin guys are up to?, we thought we’d tell you more about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition. For those of you who might not know, Green Ronin Publishing is the roleplaying development studio for Black Industries, the roleplaying arm of Games Workshop’s Black […]

Blue Rose Released in PDF Format on RPGNow.com

We are happy to announce that Blue Rose, the roleplaying game of romantic fantasy, is now available in PDF format on RPGNow.com. The print version of the book is now at the printers, and will be available soon. The 224-page book can be downloaded for $16. Read the Press Release Buy Blue Rose on RPGNow

Trojan War PDF Preview

We recently realized that we never gave you a sneak peek at The Trojan War, our popular Mythic Vistas setting supplement that lets you adventure in the time of the Greek gods and take part in Homeric myths. To rectify that situation, today we present a PDF preview featuring the entire charioteer class, straight out […]

Blue Rose Adventure Hooks

We have added a Blue Rose Adventure Hook Generator to bluerose.greenronin.com. These quest ideas will add excitement to your time spent in the World of Aldea. Blue Rose Adventure Hook Generator Printable List of 100 Blue Rose Hooks

Advanced Bestiary Web Enhancement #3: Drider

The Spider Queen creates the hideous half-spiders known as driders to serve as examples to her followers of the consequences of failure. Now you can apply the drider template to the creature of your choice. Come back tomorrow for another Advanced Bestiary Web Enhancement! Drider Template