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Rogues Gallery: Red-Teeth Sven (PDF)

Here’s a new Rogues Gallery PDF for Mutants & Masterminds. Red-Teeth Sven Professor Alvin Dahl became a noted archaeologist and scholar, despite a life-changing childhood injury and his own family treating him as an outsider. Further attacked by his own flesh and blood, Alvin found vengeance the only way he could—through the spirit of an ancient […]

Two New PDFs: Rogues Gallery and Fantasy AGE Encounters

Today (along with a new Humble RPG Book Bundle) we are pleased to present two new PDFs–one villain for Mutants & Masterminds and an encounter for the Fantasy AGE RPG. Rogues Gallery: The Dealer Once a small-time crook, the man now known as the Dealer has spent his life bringing misfortune to others to stave […]

Rogues Gallery: The Oblivion Knight (PDF)

The Oblivion Knight The Oblivion Knight is a zealous acolyte of Mistress Oblivion, an aspect of Entropy that’s also venerated by Omega and the Annihilists. She plans to remake Earth-Prime into the new Terminus throneworld through mystic corruption and targeted violence, rather than wholesale destruction. Buy The Oblivion Knight Rogues Gallery … villains galore! Each […]

Rogues Gallery: The Mesmerist (PDF)

The Mesmerist Restless academic James Desmond spent a semester abroad, and stumbled across the long-discredited teachings of Franz Mesmer. Desmond experimented with Mesmer’s techniques, and found that in his hands, they were effective! Using his uncanny power of illusion, he reinvented himself as “The Mesmerist,” a showman capable of seemingly impossible feats and thrills, delivered […]

Rogues Gallery: Hocus & Pocus (PDF)

Ashley Rahner and Matthew Dickerson found themselves on hard times, and circumstances conspired to lead them to a life of crime. Thanks to their talents as stage magicians, illusionists, and liars, they are particularly well-suited to their new criminal careers. Get Hocus & Pocus today, for just $1.95! Rogues Gallery … villains galore! Each Rogues Gallery […]

Pathfinder Short Cuts: Cavalier Orders of Freeport (PDF)

Here’s a new entry in our Short Cuts series of Pathfinder-compatible PDFs. These are tightly-focused PDF products that look at a single topic relevant to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. All Short Cuts are appropriate for use with Freeport: The City of Adventure, but can also be easily used in any Pathfinder RPG-compatible campaign setting. Short Cuts: Cavalier Orders of Freeport is a 6-page pdf that presents five new […]

Now Pre-Ordering: Love 2 Hate Politics

Today we’re pleased to open up pre-ordering for Love 2 Hate Politics, our first Love 2 Hate party card game expansion! When considering the current state of our politics, what can you do but laugh? Love 2 Hate: Politics is here to help! This 108 card expansion adds a slew of new sentence Starter and Finisher cards to the […]

Rogues Gallery: Shatter (PDF)

Michael Schepkin gained fame and fortune as a glass artist, but grew tired of his aging human body. Merging old-world superstition and his own spark of creation, he forged himself a new body of glass and fire. His mind damaged and his identity and celebrity lost, Shatter uses his strange new powers to steal the form […]

Two New PDFs: Rogues Gallery and Pathfinder Short Cut

We’ve got two new PDFs for sale today–one for Mutants & Masterminds and one for Pathfinder/Freeport! Rogues Gallery: Sportsman & Princess Poison The original Sportsman and Princess Poison were villains in the 1970s who saw their villainous careers ending in the ‘80s (before it became dangerous to be a villain) and settled in Emerald City […]