Titansgrave RPG Monthly Gaming

Titansgrave RPG

Join us to try out the Titansgrave RPG, as seen on You Tube (with Wil Wheaton as game master). We’ll be playing the second chapter in the campaign but new players are welcome and pre made characters are available. No xperience needed – just a willingness to have fun, a pencil, & 3 six sided dice (one should be a different color).

Right now, we are ready to run 3 full tables of players. To ensure we have enough GMs ready, & everyone attending has a seat, please reserve you seat on this Warhorn page (it’s free) and check out the Facebook event.

Freebooter Demos at WashingCon 2017

Great game sessions with new players in the DC area.



Titansgrave at Bell’s Comics, Cards & Games

I work with the store owner to coordinate the monthly game. Other local GM’s (also interested in the Freebooter program) are helping to run other tables. This game we had 2 tables (including mine) with 14 total players. I emailed the store owner’s FB post about the big crowds but I did not snap pics. The next game is this Thursday, so I’ll be sure to take pics.



Freebooter Game Demos at Sibcon


Ron Rummell and Rich Wilson featured Titans Grave during 4 session slots at SibCon in Pennsylvania.
Our tables were completely full and we even had a great number of people wanting these Green Ronin books.  ALL the Fantasy Age books that the vendors brought were sold out after the 2nd session slot on Friday! (Ron and I let the vendors know that we were running these games at the Con so they would be sure to bring all their GR stock) 
Not only did all the vendor sell out but Bells Comics in Grove City even took a lot of orders for your books. 

I’ve included a few photos for you to see and use if you wish:

  • One of our table signs (we ran two tables during the 4 sessions) 
  • One photo of Ron running a table
  • One of me (Rich Wilson) running a table
  • And a photo of one of the tables at BREAK TIME

Literately EVERYONE that played in the games LOVED them and can’t wait to play again.  

Ron will be running in about two weeks at our monthly game that is held at Bells and is open to the public but with the huge response we got we will each be running a full table at that 4 hour game session. 

Titans Grave will also be featured at the upcoming RockCon. 

Just wanted to let you all know what is going on and both Ron and I look forward to the chance to run these games more and hopefully become part of the Green Ronin family of Freebooters. 

(Can’t wait for MODERN AGE AND LAZARUS!)  

Thanks so much


Green Ronin Game Day

Come play games with Green Ronin!

Local storytellers will be running games throughout the day.


If you are interested in playing one of these games and want to sign up in advance, please email Veronica at events@greenronin.com to get signed up.