Titansgrave RPG Monthly Gaming


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Titansgrave RPG Monthly Gaming

From 5:00pm until 9:00pm

At Bell's Comics & Cards

25 Pine Grove Sq, Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127

Ron Rummell & Rich Wilson / rrummell@hotmail.com

Titansgrave RPG

Join us to try out Green Ronin’s Titansgrave RPG, as seen on You Tube (with Wil Wheaton as game master).

New players are welcome at any time & pre-made characters are always available. No experience needed - just a willingness to have fun, a pencil, and 3 six sided dice (one should be a different color). We have plenty of Game Masters to run the game, so if you show up we’ll find you at seat at the table!

Feel free to contact me via email or through the Facebook event listing at Bell’s Comics & Cards!

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