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Tanks for the Feedback!

The Atomic Think Tank!

The Atomic Think Tank, the new Green Ronin Publishing community on Mighty Networks, is off to a running start! Named for the old Green Ronin web forums, the new Think Tank has different sections for each of our game lines, including Mutants & Masterminds, Valiant Adventures, The Expanse, Fantasy AGE, Cthulhu Awakens, Modern AGE, and Blue Rose, with more in the works. Community members are chatting away in the feeds of their favorite games, along with posting questions, and sharing ideas, characters, and questions. Streamers are posting their calendars and Green Ronin has offered some live events, including the launch of our new Engine online magazine for the AGE system, and our weekly Mutants & Masterminds Monday and ThursdAGE streams.

Of particular interest to me has been the opportunity to engage with a focused, dedicated group of M&M fans as I post various versions of the power effects from the game for discussion, getting feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what folks think about the mechanics as-is and some of the options we’re introducing in Valiant Adventures. It includes things like:

  • Fatal, Higher Degree, and Increasing Difficulty Extras for Affliction.
  • Discussion of the optional Knockback rules, with several variations.
  • The Concealment Effect and targeting attacks.
  • Applying Comprehend Languages to non-verbal forms of communication.
  • Using Create Effects to make equipment or varying the volume to Toughness ratio of created objects.
  • Lethal vs. Nonlethal Damage Effects and using Valiant’s Bonus and Penalty Die mechanic for Area Effects.
  • A whole new version of the Deflect Effect using the aforementioned Bonus/Penalty Die mechanic and a once-per-Turn Reaction action type.
  • A surprising amount of discussion on Elongation and Extra Limbs! If you are a stretchy cephalopod, M&M fans have some thoughts about you!
  • Our look at Elongation led to a related discussion on the Reach Extra and the relationship between the two.
  • Some discussion of Flight and other Movement Effects, rolling right into a discussion on falling and impact damage.

Illusions, Immortality, today’s discussion on Immunity (including Valiant’s Resistance Flaw) … and we’re just getting started!

That’s not even counting all of the other content Think Tankers have been posting, or the game lines beyond Mutants & Masterminds. Safe to say our Atomic Think Tank is at critical mass to begin generating some reactions!

As things progress, we’ll be opening up the Think Tank to more and more members, eventually opening its armored doors to the public, once we’ve sorted everything into its proper place. If you haven’t already joined us, be on the lookout for an invitation on one of our live-streams or perhaps in your email from our online store! Know that, whenever you have a chance to check out the Atomic Think Tank, there will already be a lot waiting for you there!