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Pre-Order Enemies & Allies; PDF Available Now

Enemies & Allies: Non-Player Characters and Creatures For Modern AGEYou can now pre-order Enemies & Allies: Non-Player Characters and Creatures for Modern AGE through our Green Ronin Online Store. When you do, the store software will offer you the PDF version for just $5, so make sure to click the Add To Cart button in the pop-up window. If print books aren’t your thing, you can order just the PDF.

Note: If you’d rather buy our products from your local game store or bookstore, please make sure they know about our Pre-Order Plus program! If you pre-order from a participating retailer, they can give you a code to download the PDF version for just $5.

Enemies & Allies

You can’t tell stories without characters and that’s where Enemies & Allies comes in. This sourcebook for the Modern AGE RPG is the Game Master’s one stop shop for NPCs and creatures, covering genres such as modern fantasy, horror, near future SF, technothrillers, and crime dramas. It also includes rules to help you develop your own creatures and NPCs from scratch and modify those from other Modern AGE resources. The book also includes new game systems for Heat (how much unwanted attention characters are attracting), geomantic places of power, and more.

Give your Modern AGE campaign character with Enemies & Allies!

Rogues Gallery: Mistress Hyde

Rogues Gallery: Mistress Hyde (PDF)

Rogues Gallery: Mistress Hyde (PDF)

This week’s Rogues Gallery issue for Mutants & Masterminds is  Mistress Hyde, priced at just $1.95 for a supervillain PDF with a Hero Lab file.

A world-renowned pharmacologist looking to create a treatment for neuromuscular disease, Maryann Beswick accidentally inhaled fumes that built up in her system and eventually transformed her from being a kind humanitarian into an evil, bestial criminal intent on accumulating power and experiencing pleasures at any cost!

Get Mistress Hyde today—just $1.95!