Charitable Giving

Chris Pramas teaches attendees of the Emerald City Comic Con 2016 fundraiser for Patrick Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity how to play Ticket to Ride. The event raised $15,000.

Gaming is a hobby that brings people together. It is, at its root, about community. This is why Green Ronin has been active in raising money for various charities for many years. Sometimes these activities have come about in direct response to calamities, like the earthquake in Haiti or the flooding in Texas and Colorado. Other times we have simply given money to causes we believe in. Green Ronin is a progressive company at heart. We are strong believers in civil rights, justice, equality, and diversity, and we do our best to live our values. Charitable giving is one part of that.

As is fitting, our charitable efforts usually revolve around gaming in some way. We have participated in many game bundles with other companies. We have run games at conventions. We have played games (badly) against other companies. Below you’ll find a list of charities we have supported in the past. Through 2016 this fund raising had been on an ad hoc basis. Beginning in 2017 we have decided to supplement this work with regular sales on our website, with a different charity benefitting each month.

A token of appreciation from Hopelink for Green Ronin’s participation in the Moxtropolis fundraiser at the Mox Boarding House in 2015. The event raised $95,000 for Hopelink.

Current Sale

Hurricane Maria Relief: Fantasy AGE RPG Sale. For a limited time, you can grab the print or PDF versions of the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook and the Fantasy AGE Bestiary from our Green Ronin Online Store for 10% off the cover price! We will donate 20% of proceeds from the sale to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief and Recovery Fund to help them in their humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico.

Supported Charities

Center for Justice and Accountability

Doctors Without Borders

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Foynes Flying Boat & Martine Museum


House Rabbit Society

Houston Food Bank

Houston Humane Society

Hurricane Maria Community Relief and Recovery Fund

International Justice Mission

National Immigrant Justice Center

Natural Resource Defense Council

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Paws and Stripes

Reading is Fundamental

RPG Creators Relief Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center

Union of Concerned Scientists