Shark Week! Freeport’s Tranquil Shark Protection Agency

#sharkweek Bill Sangapulatele

Bill Sangapulatele of Freeport’s Tranquil Shark Protection Agency

Shark Week’s Wednesday freebie is the Tranquil Shark Protection Agency from the pages of Freeport: City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. Positioned on the edge of Drac’s End, the oddly named organization exists to meet the security needs of Freeport’s less affluent citizens. Headed by the smiling Bill Sangapulatele, the Tranquil Sharks use martial arts, community connections, and plain old common sense to defend their clients from assassins, debt collectors, and other enemies. The PDF includes general material on Drac’s End, too.

Apply for Protection Today!

Tomorrow, it’s back to superheroes with a shark-themed villain for Mutants & Masterminds.

Buccaneers of Freeport: Free 3rd Era and True20 Web Enhancements

In 2008 Green Ronin released Buccaneers of Freeport, a system-less sourcebook detailing some of the cunning rogues and ruthless cutthroats that ply the waters around Freeport. You can of course create your own game stats for the characters presented in the book using the information provided, to use in your RPG system of choice. However, today we present two free web enhancements that aim to give you a hand by doing all the heavy lifting for you. One contains complete 3rd Era* stats, and the other complete True20 stats, for the characters in Buccaneers of Freeport.

* As with all of our 3rd Era products, these game stats are fully compatible with edition 3.5 of everyone’s favorite fantasy RPG.

Two Freeport Companions for D&D Fans

Good news for D&D fans. First, our friends at Expeditious Retreat Press have released the 4E Freeport Companion. This is an official Freeport product licensed from us. It features a full new class, the corsair, an insanity system, and all the features you’ve come to expect from our companions: magic items, monsters, races, NPC stats, an intro adventure, and more. It’s available now in both print and PDF formats.
4E Freeport Companion
Second, we confirmed on Twitter that we are working on a Freeport Companion for Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. We haven’t set a firm release for this but it should be out before GenCon. This will revise and update the d20 Freeport Companion to Pathfinder and it will be released in both PDF and print formats. Stay tuned for more news about this project.

Gen Con Product Releases Announced

Next week we’ll all be at Gen Con in Indianapolis, where we’ll be releasing, among other things, True20 Freeport: The Lost Island. You can read all about it, and about all those other things, here:
Gen Con Product Releases

Freeport Poster Map

Freeport Poster MapWhen we commissioned a color map of Freeport from Andy Law for Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, we received such an amazing piece of cartographic art that it was a shame not to be able to show it off any larger in the book. We’re pleased to have a solution, in the form of the Freeport Poster Map. This lovely, 28″ x 19″ poster map is perfect for hanging on the wall next to your gaming table, or rolling up and taking out whenever you need it.
Get your Freeport Poster Map today!

Reading the Skull and Crossbones

Freeport and Walk the Plank fan Philip Minchin from Australia has written and packaged up a free PDF, “Reading the Skull and Crossbones.” In it he presents a divination system from the City of Adventure, using the cards found in Walk the Plank.
And in case you haven’t noticed, now is the perfect time to pick up both Pirate’s Guide to Freeport and our family-friendly pirate card game Walk the Plank, since if you buy the book, you’ll get the card game too, for free! (Offer good only in our Green Ronin Online Store, until such time as the boss tells the webmaster the deal is over. Free card game presented as option during checkout if the print version of Pirate’s Guide to Freeport is present in cart.)
Also of note is our still-ongoing RPG Stimulus Package Sale, in which several Freeport books are still available at great prices.

Freeport on Wired

John Baichtal of the GeekDad blog on posted an entry today that’s all about Pirate’s Guide to Freeport. Read all about it!
The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport Takes Systemless To a New Level

ENnie Awards Nominations Announced

The nominees in this year’s ENnie Awards have been announced, and we’re honored to have garnered several nominations:

  • Pirate’s Guide to Freeport: Best Covert Art, Best Cartography, Best Setting, Product of the Year
  • True20 Freeport Companion: Best d20/OGL Product
  • Hero High: Best Supplement
  • True20 Companion: Best Supplement
  • Hobby Games: The 100 Best: Best Regalia
  • True20 Narrator’s Kit: Best Aid or Accessory (Honorable Mention)

Congratulations to all the nominees!
Voting will run on from July 21st through August 3rd.

Using the Pirate’s Guide with 4E

Unless you’ve been detained illegally in a black site prison, you probably know that Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition came out this month. Many folks are giving it a try and I’ve heard a lot of GMs lament the fact that there aren’t any ready-made 4E settings available yet. Even WotC won’t have their new Forgotten Realms campaign setting book out until August. This is the beauty of the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport. It is a pure setting book that can be used with any fantasy RPG. It has no game stats at all, so you can just pick your game, add Freeport, and enjoy. If you are looking for a campaign setting for your new 4E game, you can start with Freeport right away.
The city can be used on its own or you can drop into any other campaign setting you like. You could even start a campaign in Freeport now, leave the rest of the world vague, and decide on the details of the larger campaign setting later. If you do want a full campaign setting right away, the Pirate’s Guide includes an optional chapter on the World of Freeport. This details “the Continent” in some detail and provides a ready backdrop for all kinds of adventures.
To complement the Pirate’s Guide, we have been doing a series of rules companions over the past year, which provide mechanical support for various game systems. We’ve done True20, d20, and Savage Worlds so far, with Castles & Crusades coming up next. We may do a Fourth Edition Freeport Companion if we can figure out how to do so under the terms of the new Game System License. In the interim, however, here are a few ideas on how to adapt Freeport to the 4E rules.
Levels: The Pirate’s Guide notates each NPC as being an apprentice, journeyman, or master. This translates easily into 4E, since characters now have a level range of 1-30. Apprentice characters are heroic tier (1-10), journeymen are paragon tier (11-20), and masters are epic tier (21-30). Now Freeport is a lot grittier than the new D&D, so you might consider making max level 15. In that case, apprentices would be levels 1-5, journeymen level 6-10, and masters level 11-15.
Races: Dragonborn are a new race of draconic humanoids and they have not featured in Freeport products before. However, Freeport is known as the Crossroads of the World and all sorts of strange folk make their way to there. Adding a few dragonborn to the mix is easy enough, particularly as the PHB paints them as wanderers without a home. They may even have come from another plane of existence.
Another sort of new race is the eladrin. They are basically high elves, which makes them the best match for most of the elves that appear in Freeport. The PHB’s elves would be the World of Freeport’s wood elves and they’d mostly be found in Rolland.
Freeport does have gnomes, and although they are not an option in the PHB there are rules for them in the Monster Manual. Those looking to make villains out of gnomes need look no further than the World of Freeport’s Autocracy of Iovan.
Classes: All the classes in the PHB can be found in Freeport. Pirates are best modeled by rogues, though fighters and rangers can also work pretty easily. Warlocks work well with the Lovecraftian elements of the Cit of Adventure. A warlock with a star pact with the Unspeakable One would make a quite suitable cultist.
Points of Light: WotC is pushing the idea of “points of light” campaign settings. The basic idea is similar to that of Warhammer’s Old World. There are villages, towns and cities that are pockets of civilization but between them are large areas of untamed wilderness that are by no means safe. At Green Ronin we like to offer many different models for campaign play, but if points of light is your thing the Ivory Ports is probably the best area of the World of Freeport for that. A border area of Hexworth could also work, with adventures focused in the Bone Lands.
These are just a few ideas on how to use Freeport with 4th edition. If you have more, come on over to the Campaign Settings message board on and share them with your fellow gamers.