Green Ronin At Origins Game Fair 2023

Origins Game Fair 2021

Green Ronin will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, June 21 – 25, 2023. Come see us in booth 903!

Finding Us At Origins Game Fair

Come and see us in booth 903! (Click the little map to see a bigger version, or check out the whole exhibitor list on the Origins Game Fair site.)

Green Ronin Products At Origins Game Fair

Come see us at Origins Game Fair booth 903 and you can pick up gaming products both new and old! Hot off the presses at the show this year is Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook, bringing you the game’s second edition! We will have limited copies of Modern AGE: Cyberpunk Slice, Sword Chronicle, Mutants & Masterminds: Guide to Starhaven, and Fantasy AGE Trojan War. Also available is Sentinels of Earth-Prime, Modern AGE Mastery Guide, Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide for 5e, and so much more for Mutants & Masterminds, Blue Rose, The Expanse, Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, Fifth Edition, and more!


Green Ronin Events At Origins Game Fair

Event registration for Origins Game Fair 2023 is now open! Two of our line developers, Ian Lemke and Alex Thomas, are running several games at the show, and if you hurry you might be able to sign up for one (or more?) of their games. Here are the games to look for:

Thursday, 22 June 2023

  • 5 pm – 8:50 pm
    The Curse of Breakwater (Fantasy AGE Second Edition)

    • Several local children have gone missing in Breakwater Bay and the clues lead to the ruins of the old DeChance Manor in the woods to the north. Can you locate them before they fall prey to one of the terrible haunts of the manor, or become yet more victims of the DeChance family curse.
    • Run by Fantasy AGE Line Developer Ian Lemke
  • 7 pm – 11 pm
    A Superman for All Seasons (Mutants & Masterminds)

    • A group of Supermen from across the multiverse are summoned to stop the machinations of one of their own gone rogue. Pre-gen characters provided.
    • Run by Alexander Thomas, Mutants & Masterminds Line Developer

Friday, 23 June 2023

Saturday, 24 June 2023

  • 10 am – 1:50 pm
    Salvage Op (The Expanse RPG)

    • The characters encounter a small ship floating dead in space. Salvaging the ship’s cargo could be an opportunity for riches, but what danger awaits onboard? What happened to the crew, and why is it here?
    • Run by Expanse Line Developer Ian Lemke
  • 6 pm – 11:50 pm
    Mutants & Masterminds: Hades Invasion

    • When Hades reneges on the Pact and launches an attack against Earth-Prime, heroes from across the Freedomverse must band together to stop the attack. A mega-event, spread across 5 tables and GMs, culminating in the fate of Earth-Prime itself. Pre-gen characters provided.
    • Run by Alex Thomas, Aaron Einhorn, Wiccy, Kevin Hess, and Chris Skinner
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