Villainous Archetypes 2 PDF Now Available

The latest Ronin Arts-produced PDF product for Mutants & Masterminds, Villainous Archetypes 2, is available now in our Green Ronin Online Store. As in Villainous Archetypes 1, this terrific collection of ten villains each feature full-color art, complete stats, suggested variations, and three appropriate capers. Villainous Archetypes 2

Advanced Race Codex: Gnomes PDF Now Available

Gnomes, the third PDF installment of our Advanced Race Codex, is now available for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store, for the low, low price of $6.50. Get yours today! Advanced Race Codex: Gnomes PDF

Pen & Paper Fan Awards

Voting is open in the Pen & Paper Fan Awards on And when they say open, they really mean it–there are no nominees in these awards, just slots for you to type in what or whom you want to win. If you’d like to vote on your favorites in several RPG categories from 2005, […]

Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #3

Today we’ve posted a new Developer’s Journal for Rob Toth’s Damnation Decade. Check it out: That’s the Name of the Game

Chris Pramas Interview in OgreCave podcast

You can hear an extensive interview with our own Chris Pramas on With Mike, Allan, and special guest Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing. An hour-long, wide-ranging discussion of everything from GR’s new products True20 and the Bleeding Edge adventure line, to the ethos behind Blue Rose, GR’s increasingly unorthodox publishing decisions, the future […]

True20 Adventure Roleplaying PDF Released

We have made True20 Adventure Roleplaying available again in PDF form, this time as a fully-illustrated product of more than twice the size, and featuring our four True20 Setting Search winners. If you previously purchased True20 Adventure Roleplaying from either RPGNow or our Green Ronin Online Store, you may now log in and download the […]

We are pleased to announce, the official site for True20 Adventure Roleplaying and the True20 System. Look for lots of great True20 previews and exclusive articles on, and make sure to visit the new True20 and Blue Rose forums on the new site.

The Future of Freeport

Freeport is one of Green Ronin’s oldest and best known properties. Originally launched with the ENnie and Origins Award-winning adventure Death in Freeport, the "City of Adventure" has been home to many subsequent sourcebooks and adventures since. Four years ago this month we launched what became the core book of the line, the Freeport: City […]

Villainous Archetypes 1

Ronin Arts has put a new spin on their M&M character archetypes series, with a PDF of 10 ready-to-run villains for your M&M game. Villainous Archetypes 1 by Michael Hammes is available now. Villainous Archetypes 1 in our Green Ronin Online Store

World of Aldea Print Available Now

World of Aldea is now available in print in our Green Ronin Online Store. Get yours today! World of Aldea in our Green Ronin Online Store

Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #2

In the second installment of his Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal series, Rob Toth writes more about the process of creating the book, and provides us with a Damnation Decade glossary. Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #2

Ask Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil submitted this new Ask Dr. Evil article back in December, but the Webmaster messed up and lost it on his hard drive. Until now! In the article Dr. Evil takes inspiration from Trojan War and The Black Company Campaign Setting to create d20 stats for six mythological creatures. And to celebrate this article’s […]

True20 On the Way!

True20 Adventure Roleplaying, our new 224-page core rulebook by Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson, is now at print. This beautifully illustrated hardback is the culmination of three years of design and development. While first designed for the fantasy setting of the Blue Rose RPG, True20 has been expanded to handle nearly any genre. The […]

Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #1

Damnation Decade developer Rob Toth has provided us with the first in a series of articles exploring the creation of our upcoming Mythic Vistas release for d20 Modern and the True20 system. Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #1

Lockdown Available in Print

We have added the print version of our Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook Lockdown to our Green Ronin Online Store. 120 pages long, this full-color perfect-bound sourcebook is just the thing for adding excitement and intrigue to your M&M campaign. Lockdown is also available as a PDF, and both formats have been updated for the Mutants […]

World of Aldea and Advanced Race Codex: Humans PDFs

We have added two new PDF-format products to our Green Ronin Online Store: Advanced Race Codex: Humans and World of Aldea. Get yours today!

Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 2

This PDF preview from Chapter Seven: A Thieves’ World Bestiary of the Thieves’ World Gazetteer provides the writeup of the Winged Folk of Kaiman, including the racial traits necessary to create a Winged Folk character. Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 1

Shadowspawn’s Maps of Sanctuary

We have posted PDFs of the maps of Sanctuary found in Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary. These maps cover both the Rankan and Irrune Eras, and are available with and without keys. Shadowspawn’s Maps of Sanctuary

Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups

Today we’re happy to announce that Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups, produced by Ronin Arts, is available in our Green Ronin Online Store. This is a pack of 60 full-color character stand-ups that can be printed out and used today in your Mutants & Masterminds game. Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups

Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 1

Today we present a PDF preview of the upcoming Thieves’ World Gazetteer, straight out of Chapter 5: Gods of Thieves’ World. Learn about Eshi and Ils, glean some divine powers (Glamour of Eshi and Tap Other Domain), claim your own Necklace of Harmony, and discover the Avatar of Ils. Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 1

Vote in the Weird Game Wyrd Awards

We have garnered several nominations in the 2005 Game Wyrd Awards, for Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition and Spiros Blaak, as has Black Industries for several Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay products we designed on their behalf. Lots of other great products, companies, and people have received nods as well, so why not cast your vote today? […]

Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves

Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves (39 pages of PDF-format dwarfy goodness) is available now for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store. Get yours today! Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves

True20 Setting Search Winners Announced

The winners of Green Ronin’s True20 Setting Search have been announced in Dragon Magazine #340. Each winning setting will appear in the True20 Adventure Roleplaying core rulebook coming out next month. More than two-dozen publishers participated in the contest and Green Ronin’s panel of judges had a lot of great material to choose from. The […]

M&M Archetype Archive 3 PDF

We have activated ordering for the Mutants & Masterminds Archetype Archive 3 PDF in our Green Ronin Online Store. In the same vein as the popular Ronin Arts-produced M&M Archetypes Archives 1 & 2, this PDF-only product by Steve Kenson and Michael Hammes details 10 heroes for use in your Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition […]

Freedom City Second Edition Has Arrived

Freedom City, Second Edition has arrived at Green Ronin Headquarters in Seattle, and so we’ve switched it from pre-order to available now in our Green Ronin Online Store. Preorders will be shipping presently, and if you prefer "real" orders, you can place yours today! Freedom City will be appearing on your local store shelves any […]

Green Ronin in 2006

A Message from the President Here we are at the start of Green Ronin’s sixth year of business. This seems like an apt time to look back at where we’ve been and where we are going. 2005 was a year of highs and lows. Great moments included the launch of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, which we […]

Green Ronin Online Store: Product Update

We have added the Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF for purchase and download, and activated pre-ordering for the Freedom City, Second Edition print version, in our Green Ronin Online Store. Green Ronin Online Store

Free Adventure for Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

Robert J. Schwalb has given us all a holiday present, with a free adventure for the Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra campaign setting. Free adventure for Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition PDF Available on RPGNow

Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is now available in PDF format on, as well as in our Green Ronin Online Store. Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition on

Vote in the 2005 InQuest Gamer Fan Awards

Blue Rose and Thieves’ World Player’s Manual have been respectively nominated for Best RPG and Best RPG Supplement in the 2005 InQuest Gamer Fan Awards. Voting is open now: 2005 InQuest Gamer Fan Awards

Mutants & Masterminds Archetype Archive 2

Mutants & Masterminds Archetype Archive 2, written by Steve Kenson and Michael Hammes and produced by Ronin Arts, is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store. Mutants & Masterminds Archetype Archive 2 in the Green Ronin Online Store

Two New Print Products Available

We have added Karak Azgal and the print version of Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary to our Green Ronin Online Store. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary is also available in PDF format. Visit our Green Ronin Online Store

Announcement: Green Ronin HQ Closing for Holidays

Green Ronin World Headquarters is closing for the holidays from December 16 – 30. Mail orders will not be filled during this time. Please note that mail orders placed after December 10 cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas if shipped by Media Mail: choose the Priority Mail option if delivery time is a concern. […]

PDFs For Sale in the Green Ronin Online Store

We are pleased to announce that we have enabled PDF sales through our online store. Our initial offering includes 15 downloadable products, and features Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition, available for the first time in PDF form. We are proud to continue to offer our electronic products through our business partners at, and are […]

Chris Pramas Interviewed on Have Games, Will Travel

Paul Tevis has posted a podcast of his interview with our president, Chris Pramas, recorded at Gen Con So Cal. Have Games, Will Travel

Freedom City, Second Edition Available on

We have made Freedom City, Second Edition available in PDF format on Download price is $19.95 for this 256-page, full-color, core setting sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition. The print version of Freedom City, Second Edition is now at press. Freedom City, Second Edition on RPGNow

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 2

This PDF preview of Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, excerpted from Chapter Three: Sanctuary Then and Now, details some areas of the city. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 2

M&M 2e Character Record Folio Available on RPGNow

Your mighty superhero deserves deluxe treatment and that’s where the Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Character Record Folio comes in. Say goodbye to cramming your notes and super powers onto a single character sheet. The folio is designed to handle your superhero for the entire campaign. Its 16 pages include great add-ons, like record sheets […]

Ask Dr. Evil

Our favorite evil doctor and yours, Dr. Evil, has given us a new article in his Ask Dr. Evil series. In it he shows not only how to adapt the technologist class from SpirosBlaak for use with kobolds, but he also gives us a new prestige class, the trapcrafter, and an EL 11 kobold encounter […]

Dragon Magazine to Announce Winners of True20 Setting Search

Green Ronin Publishing and Paizo Publishing have come together to promote one of the most exciting RPG events of the new millennium. The winners of Green Ronin’s True20 Setting Search will be revealed for the first time in the pages of Paizo’s Dragon Magazine. The latest issue of Dragon, #338, details the team up and […]

Robert J. Schwalb Interviewed on

RPG Radio has posted their second episode, "Sanctuary," featuring an extensive interview with our own Dr. Evil, Robert J. Schwalb. Download the .mp3 or subscribe to the podcast to find out all sorts of cool stuff about the development of the Thieves’ World Campaign Setting. RPG Radio

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 1

This PDF preview of Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, an excerpt straight out of Chapter Four: Faces of Sanctuary, Rankan Era, gives you the lowdown on classic characters Illyra, Ischade, and Jaime the Red. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 1

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary Available on RPGNow

We are pleased to announce that Shadowspawn’s Guide to Santuary, the definitive guide to the Thieves’ World Setting, is available now in PDF format on This Thieves’ World Sourcebook has also gone off to press. To celebrate, we have reduced the PDF prices of Thieves’ World Player’s Manual and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn […]

M&M Archetypes Archive 1

Our PDF publishing partners Ronin Arts have created a new Mutants & Masterminds supplement, available exclusively in PDF format on M&M Archetypes Archive 1 features 10 new PL 10 archetypes for use in any campaign, along with a new power, Probability Control, which will appear in the upcoming Masterminds Manual. M&M Archetypes Archive 1 […]

True20 Campaign Planner Available on

We have just released the True20 Campaign Planner, a True20 Gamemaster’s aid produced by Ronin Arts, in PDF format on True20 Campaign Planner on RPGNow

Green Ronin Retailer Support Webpage

We have just launched a Retailer Support webpage. This is a one-stop resource for our retail partners, with all the pertinent info in one place. Here retailers can download our latest sell sheets, our product list (which includes an OOP list), and our distributor list. You can also find handy articles like "Stocking Green Ronin," […]

True20 Adventure Roleplaying Errata

We have updated our Errata page with a link to a PDF detailing changes to True20 Adventure Roleplaying. If you bought this product on, you should have received a notice that an update was available for free. (All the changes are present in the version now available on If you haven’t yet picked […]

Ask Dr. Evil

Today in Ask Dr. Evil, The Villainous One shows us how to transport your characters from The Black Company Campaign Setting to Thieves’ World. To celebrate, we’ve placed both books on sale! [url=/mm5/merchant.mvc]Dr. Evil Sale[/url] [url=/ask_dr_evil.php]Ask Dr. Evil[/url]

The Book of Fiends Available Now on

The Book of Fiends is now available for purchase in PDF format from, for $17.00. The Book of Fiends on

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Now Shipping

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition, the most anticipated RPG of the year, has begun shipping to distributors. With a distributor release date of October 12, this will put the game in stores by the weekend of the 15th. This includes the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. Read the Press Release Order Yours Today

Ask Dr. Evil

Today in Ask Dr. Evil, His Vileness tackles how to use Freeport adventures in Skull & Bones. To go along with this, we’ve placed Tales of Freeport, Freeport Trilogy: 5th Anniversary Edition, and Skull & Bones on sale! Dr. Evil Sale Ask Dr. Evil

Blue Rose Companion Available Now

Blue Rose Companion is now available in print in our Green Ronin Online Store. Get yours today! Buy Blue Rose Companion

Thieves’ World Player’s Manual and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn on RPGNow

If you prefer pixels to print, this is your lucky day! We have posted the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn in PDF form on Just make sure to keep your back to the wall and your eye on the door. Buy Thieves’ World Books on RPGNow

Spires of Altdorf Available for Pre-Order

We have opened up pre-ordering for Ashes of Middenheim: Spires of Altdorf (Volume Two of the epic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign) in our Green Ronin Online Store. You can order yours today, and it will ship to arrive on or soon after the official release date of September 28, 2005. Pre-Order Spires of Altdorf Today!

Dr. Evil Sale

Because we can’t all be evil all the time, we’ve decided to run a sale on the books that Dr. Evil uses in his wicked Ask Dr. Evil Workshop. From now until Dr. Evil’s next mad experiment, you can get Unholy Warrior’s Handbook for $10, Plot & Poison for $20, and The Book of Fiends […]

Ask Dr. Evil

Today Dr. Evil (Robert J. Schwalb) answers the age-old question, "How do you go about making drow unholy warriors?" Ask Dr. Evil

Pre-order M&M 2e and M&M 2e Deluxe

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition and Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Deluxe are now available for pre-order in our Green Ronin Online Store! Order Yours Today

Announcing Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Deluxe

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Deluxe is a premium collector’s item for the true superhero connoisseur. Limited to only 500 copies, this version of the new core rulebook features a red leatherette cover embossed with the M&M logo, silver-gilt page edges, and a red ribbon bookmark. No secret headquarters would be complete without Mutants & […]

Ask Dr. Evil

Our resident d20 System expert, Dr. Evil, has started a series of articles offering up ideas on how to use all those d20 books we’ve all got lying around, that might not always see much use these days beyond holding down our bookshelves. Today Dr. Evil combines Eternal Rome, Advanced Bestiary, and Fang & Fury […]

M&M PDF Preview: Chapter One

Today over on we present a final PDF Preview of Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition, Chapter One: Hero Creation. This preview features writeups of all 13 hero archetypes. M&M PDF Preview: Chapter One

Atomic Think Tank Back In Action!

We’re quite pleased to be able to announce that the Atomic Think Tank, the official message board system for Mutants & Masterminds, is back after a two-week technological hiatus. The boards now have their own domain name,, and everything is in working order, with very few casualties. Atomic Think Tank

Thieves’ World Character Sheet

We just posted a PDF of the Thieves’ World character sheet. Download yours today! Thieves’ World Character Sheet

New Products Available

We’ve got a slew of new products available in our Green Ronin Online Store and on RPGNow. Print: Thieves’ World Player’s Manual Sigmar’s Heirs SpirosBlaak Eternal Rome Freeport Trilogy: 5 Year Anniversary Edition PDF: The Blue Rose Companion

ENnie Award Winners Announced

Last night the main event at GenCon Indy was the ENnie Awards Ceremony, held at the beautiful Indiana Roof Ballroom. We were quite pleased to accept several Silver and Gold ENnies: Silver Best Art, Cover: Blue Rose Best Rules: Blue Rose Best Adversary/Monster Product: Advanced Bestiary Best Campaign Setting/Setting Supplement: Black Company Best d20 Game: […]

Green Ronin HQ Closed for Gen Con

The Green Ronin offices will be closed the week of August 15th through the 21st while our staff attends the GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis. If you’re going to be there, come visit us at Booth #639, right next to Wizards of the Coast. While you’re there you can chat with Lynn Abbey and developer […]

Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn to Debut at GenCon

We announced earlier this week that Lynn Abbey was going to be at GenCon, and the news just keeps getting better for Thieves’ World fans. We’ve confirmed with the printer that we will have a limited number of advance copies of Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, a Thieves’ World adventure by Owen K.C. Stephens, on […]

Freeport’s 5-Year Anniversary at GenCon!

It seems like only yesterday that Death in Freeport introduced the City of Adventure to the crowds at GenCon 2000, back before D&D fans had any idea what "d20 System" referred to. It is only appropriate then that the Freeport Trilogy: 5-Year Anniversary Edition debut at GenCon next week. This book brings back the original […]

True20–GenCon Print Edition

Available only at the GenCon Game Fair is a limited softcover edition of Green Ronin’s True20 Adventure Roleplaying, currently available only as a PDF from RPGNow. This is an updated version of the PDF release and includes rules for adding Backgrounds to your True20 heroes. Buyers of the original True20 PDF on RPGNow will receive […]

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition–Exclusive GenCon Preview!

Green Ronin Publishing is happy to announce we’ve managed to secure 300 advance copies of the brand new second edition of Mutants & Masterminds and will have them available for sale at the GenCon Game Fair. These books are being air freighted in from the printer just for GenCon and, when they’re gone, they’re gone! […]

Lynn Abbey at GenCon!

Thieves’ World co-creator Lynn Abbey is coming to the GenCon Game Fair to support the release of Green Ronin’s new RPG line. Lynn will be appearing daily at Green Ronin’s booth to talk to fans, sign copies of the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual, and celebrate the return of Sanctuary to gaming. Lynn will also be […]

Last Chance to Vote in the ENnies!

Voting in the ENnies ends on August 8th (that’s Monday!) so if you haven’t yet voted, click on the above ENnies banner. If you like our stuff, remember to Vote Green Ronin! Vote in the ENnies!

M&M 2e Off To Print

We are quite pleased to report that Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is off to the printers! But don’t worry about Steve Kenson–we’ve got plenty of things planned to keep him busy. More About Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition

True20 Setting Search Idea Form Available

As promised when we announced the True20 Setting Search, we have now posted the Idea Submission Agreement for the contest. This form must be included with your submission for the setting search. Submissions must be received by Green Ronin on or before September 19, 2005. Download the form and read the rules

Freeport’s Temple Quarter

Today we are pleased to present a PDF by JD Wiker that demonstrates how to integrate the material from Temple Quarter into your own campaign, using Freeport: The City of Adventure as a sample setting. Temple Quarter is available now. Buy Temple Quarter Today Freeport’s Temple Quarter

Big Product Update 3: Three New PDF Titles on RPGNow

Three new PDF-format products have found their way to the Green Ronin catalog on Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra offers up all 216 pages from the boxed set, including the full-color map by Ed Bourelle. Egyptian Adventures allows you to play the world’s most popular roleplaying game in the sands of Hamunaptra, a new fantasy setting […]

Big Product Update 2: Five New Products in the Green Ronin Online Store

We have recently added five new releases to our Green Ronin Online Store. Temple Quarter is our latest print collaboration with The Game Mechanics, and is the followup to their popular award-winning Thieves’ Quarter. Temple Quarter Product Page Old World Armoury is a complete inventory of everything an adventurer will ever need before facing off […]

Big Product Update 1: Two New Thieves’ World Books in Catalog

We have added Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary and the Thieves’ World Gazetteer to our product catalog. Thieves’ World Player’s Guide and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, the first two books in our Thieves’ World series for the d20 System, are currently at press, and these two latest additions will follow presently. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary […]

ENnies Voting Booth Open

You can now vote in the ENnies, over on Rock the vote!

ENnies Nominations Announced

The nominees have been announced for the 2005 GenCon EN World RPG Awards (the "ENnies"), and on the list we’re quite proud to see several of our products and products we’ve worked with our partners to create. Good luck to all the nominees! You can view the complete list of nominations on, and here […]

Trinoc*coN, Durham, NC

Chris and Nicole are off to Trinoc*coN in Durham, North Carolina, from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17. Chris is the Gaming Guest of Honor at this speculative fiction conference, and will be talking about Thieves’ World and Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition, along with other cool stuff we’re plugging away at. If you’re […]

Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide & Frankenstein’s Children Available Now

We have added the d20 System sourcebook Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide and the tabletop tactical strategy game Frankenstein’s Children to our Green Ronin Online Store. Get yours today! Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide Product Page Frankenstein’s Children Product Page

Thieves’ World Player’s Manual PDF Preview

We’ve posted a free sneak peek from Chapter 4: Classes of the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual. Read all about the Crime Lord and the Gladiator, two of the prestige classes you can play as one of the fine citizens of Sanctuary. Thieves’ World Player’s Manual is currently at print. Thieves’ World Player’s Manual PDF Preview

Come See Us At Origins

Green Ronin HQ is shutting down this week, as most of our staffers are heading to Columbus, Ohio for Origins 2005. We’ll be in the Exhibit Hall in Booth 727, Thursday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, and Sunday 10am – 4pm. If you swing by our booth we’ll be glad to show you the Advanced […]

True20 FAQ

We have posted an official True20 FAQ to the True20 forum. Please check it out before asking any of us anything about True20 or the True20 Setting Search. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, feel free to post it to the FAQ. Please be aware that you might not receive a direct […]

True20 Setting Search

Today Green Ronin released the PDF version of the True20 Adventure Roleplaying game. This innovative game engine first appeared in the Blue Rose RPG and it served the romantic fantasy genre admirably. It didn’t take fans long to figure out that True20 would also be great for other settings and genres and that’s why we’re […]

True20 Adventure Roleplaying

We are pleased to announce that we have released the True20 Adventure Roleplaying game in PDF format on True20 Adventure Roleplaying Designed by Steve Kenson 96 page PDF MSRP: $12.00 GRR1704 The Blue Rose roleplaying game introduced the True20 system to roleplayers interested in fast moving, easy-to-use rules for fantasy roleplaying. Now True20 Adventure […]

Thieves’ World Interview with Robert J. Schwalb on has posted an interview with Robert J. Schwalb, Green Ronin’s d20 System Line Developer, and almost the only person we know with a graduate degree in Evil. Read along as he discusses developing Thieves’ World. Thieves’ World Interview on

Green Ronin and Ronin Arts Announce PDF Partnership

Green Ronin Publishing and Ronin Arts are proud to announce a partnership to produce PDF products. Under the agreement Ronin Arts will design new RPG publications that support established Green Ronin lines, such as Freeport, Blue Rose, the d20 Advanced Rulebooks, and Mutants & Masterminds. Green Ronin will release the PDFs as part of its […]

Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal Update

Today in the Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal Robert J. Schwalb gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the magic system. Read Sorcery in Thieves’ World

Announcing True20 Adventure Roleplaying

Green Ronin Publishing is proud to announce to upcoming release of the True20 Adventure Roleplaying game. Based on the innovative new rules system from Blue Rose, our Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy, True20 provides a complete set of rules for fast, easy, and fun adventure roleplaying. All you need is a single 20-sided die to […]

Announcing Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition!

We are pleased to announce that Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition is on the way! The 256-page full-color hardcover book will ship to the hobby and book trade in September of this year. We know you have lots of questions about this, so M&M Line Developer Steve Kenson has prepared a FAQ and an entire […]

Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim Available Now

Part One of the Paths of the Damned adventure trilogy for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Ashes of Middenheim, is now available in our online store and elsewhere around the world. Preorders have either already shipped or will be on their way to you soon. Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim

Interview with Chris Pramas on has posted an interview with Green Ronin’s president, Chris Pramas. Read all about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (developed by us and published by Black Industries), our upcoming Thieves’ World books, and more! Interview with Chris Pramas on

Madness in Freeport Revised on

We have released Madness in Freeport Revised in PDF format on The Freeport Trilogy concludes with this exciting 72-page adventure. Return to the city that started it all with Madness in Freeport. This revised edition updates the adventure to the 3.5 rules and expands it with bonus material. Madness in Freeport Revised on

Thieves’ World Interview with Lynn Abbey and Robert J. Schwalb

This week we’re taking a break from the regularly-scheduled Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal and instead present this exclusive interview with none other than Lynn Abbey and our own Robert J. Schwalb. Interview with Lynn Abbey and Robert J. Schwalb

Lockdown PDF Available on

As previously mentioned on, Lockdown, the Mutants & Masterminds super-prison sourcebook, is now available in PDF format on The PDF is 108 pages (not the 96 pages we previously reported on this site) and is stuffed to the ultra-impenetrable walls with all kinds of cool stuff about Buckner Ridge Superhuman Penitentiary, aka Lockdown. […]

Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal Update

Visit the Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal now to read about the tweaks necessary to make the d20 System work for Thieves’ World. Nips and Tucks Part I: Making d20 fit Thieves’ World

Alliance and Diamond to Help Us Get Our Books in Your Hands

We have signed distribution and warehousing/shipping deals with Diamond Book Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors, respectively. The main benefit for you as a consumer or retailer is that you will now always be able to easily obtain our complete range of in-print products. Read the Diamond and Alliance Press Releases

Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal Update

Today our d20 Line Developer, Robert J. Schwalb, has posted another entry in the Thieves’ World Developer’s Journal. He writes about characters in Thieves’ World, including cultures, backgrounds, and classes, and gives us the full writeup of the Blue Star Adept prestige class, so you can play Lythande before the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual even […]

Green Ronin 5th Anniversary Sale: Surprise Week 6!

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the great response to our Green Ronin 5th Anniversary Sale, we’ve decided to extend the sale one more week! Through next Sunday Surprise Week 6 brings you more great deals: Our two $5 books are Aasimar & Tiefling and Cavalier’s Handbook, our Award Winner Showcase book is […]