Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide (Free!)
With this free download and three six-sided dice (two of one color and one of another) you can learn how to play Dragon Age for free!

Dragon Age RPG Set 2 PDF Preview

Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Errata

Blood in Ferelden Developer’s Journal

Dragon Age Grimoire (PDF)

Dragon Age Two-Page Character Sheet (PDF)

GM Aid: Quick Reference Sheets (PDF)

GM Aid: Combat Cards (PDF)

Sample Dragon Age Characters (PDF)

Set One Preview 2: Magic (PDF)

Set One Preview 1: Rogue (PDF)

Design Diary 3: Character Creation

Design Diary 2: The Heart of the Game

Design Diary 1: The Dragon Age Begins

Dragon Age RPG Cover Preview

Dragon Age RPG Cover Art, by Alan Lathwell

Press Release
Here’s the press release from when we announced getting the Dragon Age license back in May 2009.