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February 25, 2008

Iron Age: Vigilantes & Villains Now Available

Iron Age: Vigilantes & VillainsThe latest creation by Ronin Arts for Mutants & Masterminds, Iron Age: Vigilantes & Villains, is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store. This compendium of 10 evil masterminds, perfect for Freedom City's Iron Age era or that in any M&M setting, are ready to go and cost just $4.95.

Wait no more--get yours today!

February 18, 2008

True20 Expert's Handbook Now Available in Print

True20 Expert's HandbookThe True20 Expert's Handbook is now available in print in our Green Ronin Online Store, and at a fine game and book store near you.

True20 Expert's Handbook

February 11, 2008

Worlds of Freedom PDF Available Now

Worlds of FreedomWorlds of Freedom is now available in PDF format from our Green Ronin Online Store.

Infinite worlds, infinite possibilities: Freedom City is an eminently adaptable setting and this book proves it! Worlds of Freedom presents many visions of Mutants & Masterminds' most famous metropolis, from the Revolutionary and Civil War eras to the distant future, from parallel Earths where the Axis won World War II to a world of funny cartoon animals, and more! Worlds of Freedom expands the usefulness of the Freedom City campaign setting and takes your heroes to infinite worlds of adventure!

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February 6, 2008

True20 Adept's Handbook PDF Available Now

True20 Adept's HandbookThe True20 Adept's Handbook is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store.

The second in the series of sourcebooks spotlighting the three primary roles of True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the Adept's Handbook expands on the role of supernatural powers in the game, looking at alternate ways of handling them and how to customize power-sets to suit different
types of adepts, from fantasy sorcerers and priests to sci-fi psionics and modern day psychics and more. It also provides expanded feats, skills, and powers for the adept role. Take your heroes and your adventures to the next level with the True20 Adept's Handbook.

Get Yours Today!

February 4, 2008

Steve Kenson True20 Interview on The Tome Podcast

Steve Kenson recently did an interview on True20 for the Tome podcast, talking about the game, its design, and our new free license announcement. The episode is online now, so please check it out.

Steve Kenson True20 Interview on The Tome Podcast

February 2, 2008

d20 Freeport Companion PDF and Print Pre-Order Available Now

d20 Freeport CompanionThe d20 Freeport Companion is now available in PDF in our Green Ronin Online Store. This massively crunchy tome brings you d20 rules for the people, monsters, magic, and more of Freeport, the City of Adventure. This is the last product we will do in support of the version 3.5 of the d20 System, so whether you're a fan of the system, the city, or both, you'll want to pick up this companion to Pirate's Guide to Freeport.

You may now also pre-order d20 Freeport Companion in print, to ship for delivery as close as possible to when the book will appear on store shelves.

As a special deal, if you order the print version of d20 Freeport Companion, upon checkout you'll be offered the PDF version at 50% off! To get this deal, make sure the print book in is your shopping cart when you check out, and then accept the special offer for the PDF when it comes up. (If you just put both the print and PDF versions in your shopping cart and check out, you will be charged full price for both.)

d20 Freeport Companion PDF

d20 Freeport Companion print