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We at Green Ronin adore physical, “brick-and-mortar” stores, whether they sell games, books, food… (Mmm… We do love food…) Ahem. Anyway, if you own or manage a store, we would love to help you succeed. Especially if you sell our products, of course.

Retailers, if you aren’t already taking part in our GR Pre-Order Plus program, please drop us a line using the below contact form. Customers, if you like getting a $5 PDF when you preorder a product, please make sure to ask your retailer to drop us a line using the below contact form, so they can join our GR Pre-Order Plus program.

If you need help finding a distributor for our products, or if a distributor you like is telling you something we say is available is not, or if you’d like to know more about our products, we would love to hear from you. And if we travel somewhere near your store, we’d love to stop in and say “Hi!”

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Ask about our GR Pre-Order Plus program! Or, subscribe to our Green Ronin Pre-Order Plus electronic newsletter.

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About GR Pre-Order Plus

GR Pre-Order Plus is open to confirmed brick and mortar retail stores. Members will be notified when one of our products is ready for pre-order and each will receive a batch of unique codes via e-mail. When a customer pre-orders the product through a member store, the staff need simply pass a code to the purchaser in any way they prefer (e-mail, business card, slip of paper, etc.). The purchaser can then go to the Green Ronin online store and buy the PDF of the product they just pre-ordered for a reduced cost (typically $5) using the code. The Green Ronin online store will offer the exact same terms (pre-order the book, get the PDF for cheap). This will allow customers to pre-order at their local stores and get the same deal as those who purchase directly from Green Ronin.

To sign up for GR Pre-Order Plus, simply send an e-mail with your store’s information (name, location, website, preferred e-mail) to our Sales Department. You’ll get 10 codes to start but if you use them all, simply e-mail again and we’ll send you more.