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Ronin Round Table: Good-bye, Green Ronin

Don’t worry, Green Ronin isn’t going anywhere—but I am. The beginning of December marks the end of my time as the Mutants & Masterminds Line Developer and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. This hasn’t been an easy decision, but it’s definitely a necessary one. The reasons are many, but the two […]

Ronin Round Table: How to Get the Most Out of Hero High by Catalyst

Hi, I’m Reena Sarin, but in my superheroic identity I go by the name Catalyst! I’m probably the coolest member of the Next-Gen with my tech skills, innate mutie powers, and home-made control rod. I’m like the poster child for girls in STEM! (That’s science, technology, engineering, and math, in case you weren’t aware.) Anyway, […]

Ronin Round Table: Share Your Enthusiasm

People often talk about how important “word of mouth” is. About how important it is to get people who like something to talk about that product or service, because it can have such a huge impact on others who are interested, but haven’t made up their minds yet. That’s where you come in! In the […]

Ronin Round Table: Hero High Introduction

Welcome! In this week’s Ronin Round Table, we’re showing off the cover to the revised and updated edition of Hero High for Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition! Plus introducing you to the heroes in the latest lineup of the Next-Gen! We’ll cut right to important stuff and show off the cover first! This is the […]

Ronin Round Table: Where Soars the Cosmic Handbook?

The cosmic gods have answered our prayers! Years of requests via email, the Atomic Think Tank, instant messages, and in-person are just a couple of weeks away from being fulfilled! The newest Mutants & Masterminds title, the long-awaited Cosmic Handbook, is about to make its way to your favorite game store! Right up front, I […]

Ronin Round Table: Launching a New Game…in the Golden Age!

As the Mutants & Masterminds developer, the gaming groups I play with are often treated to sessions of M&M, either to try out some rules or to enjoy some super-hero action. Recently, one of our ongoing non-M&M games was growing a bit long in the tooth and the players asked for something new. After exchanging […]

Ronin Round Table: Let’s Get Cosmic

The Cosmic Handbook has been a popular product even before it was on the list of books we were working on. Fans have been asking for it since the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds, so at some point in the last few years, we added it to the schedule, wrote it, and are in the midst of preparing it for release!

Ronin Round Table: A Supernatural Opportunity

It’s the week of Halloween here in the States, which means it’s an opportunity for kids of all ages to put on costumes and do a bit of LARPing! Okay, not quite, but it’s pretty close. Actually, what Halloween means to me as a GM and gamer is that it’s the perfect time of year […]

Ronin Round Table: New Game Store!

I live in Renton, Washington. Renton (and the Seattle area in general) is a hotbed of the game industry. Green Ronin, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Privateer Press, Cheapass Games, Wizards of the Coast, and many more tabletop and computer game companies are in the area. One thing Renton in particular is missing is a game […]

Ronin Round Table: Feedback and Reviews, Please

In the middle of last week, James Dawsey of the Vigilance Press Podcast invited Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson and I to talk to him about the release of Emerald City and the just-announced ICONS: The Assembled Edition, which Steve also designed. We had a good talk, which you can listen to on the […]