Gen Con Freebooters – We’re looking for GMs!

Note: Event Submission Closed March 14, 2016. If you’re interested in the Gen Con Volunteer GM Program for 2017, you can fill out this form so we can email you when we’re taking applications.. Thank you for your interest in running games for Green Ronin!

We’ve got some amazing news and some sad news, in regards to our Volunteer GM program aka the Freebooters. We’ve decided to refocus our efforts and launch the Gen Con Freebooters program instead! We’re a super small company, and we’re spread out around the US. It is difficult to support an international program when you’re an indie company, or even a US-based program. We simply haven’t been able to offer up the perks that larger companies can support, such as the Pathfinder Society and the D&D Adventurers League. These are amazing programs, and we hope someday to build up a most excellent group of volunteers.

We decided at the last Ronin Summit to focus our energy on supporting volunteer GMs at Gen Con, especially as we found out that Mutants & Masterminds is one of the Gen Con High Demand Games. Over the years, we have also received a lot of requests for more Song of Ice & Fire games, plus we’re always happy for more Dragon Age. This year, we’re hoping for more submissions for Fantasy Age and Fantasy Age/Titansgrave.

With all this in mind, we are excited for the Gen Con Freebooter program. We’re looking for volunteers to run games, whether one session or 4-days of sessions. Early submissions starts January 6th! Here’s how it works:

  • Green Ronin will pick up your 4-day badge in return for 12-hours worth of game time scheduled
  • For 16+ hours of game time scheduled, Green Ronin will reimburse your hotel based on ¼ of a regular rate.  As an example, if a room is $200 per night we’ll pick up your part, so $50 per night!
  • Green Ronin must submit your games to count towards the free badge and room reimbursement.
  • You are still welcome to submit games via your favorite game group or other game companies, but we will only pick up badges/hotel reimburse for our submitted games.
  • Free Green Ronin Freebooter t-shirt, while supplies last


Note: Event Submission Closed March 14, 2016. If you’re interested in the Gen Con Volunteer GM Program for 2017, you can email fill out this form so we can email you when we’re taking applications. Thank you for your interest in running games for Green Ronin Publishing!

Don’t need a free badge or hotel reimbursement? We’d still love to feature your game! If you submit a game with your favorite gaming group, or on your own, let us know and we’ll promote your game via our social media and at the Gen Con booth.


Donna Prior

Donna Prior

Donna “Danicia” Prior is the Sparkly Princess of Social Media & Community Management in the video game industry. She is the Events Manager for Green Ronin Publishing and is the Executive Director of OrcaCon, the Inclusive Analog Games Convention in Everett, WA. Donna is on the Community Management Advisory Board at the Game Developers Conference. She has spoken about building communities, diversity, harassment, and accessibility at the Game Developers Conference, numerous times at PAX / PAXDev, Gen Con, Mensa Annual Gathering, NorWesCon, and the Community Manager Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Donna is a gamer and a beer geek, often combining both hobbies while teaching new people to game and appreciate beer. She’s also insists she is NOT a Hobbit. You can follow Donna on Twitter: @_Danicia_. Find her also on
Donna Prior