True20 Setting Search Winners Announced

The winners of Green Ronin’s True20 Setting Search have been announced in Dragon Magazine #340. Each winning setting will appear in the True20 Adventure Roleplaying core rulebook coming out next month. More than two-dozen publishers participated in the contest and Green Ronin’s panel of judges had a lot of great material to choose from. The winning publishers and their settings are:
Big Finger Games for Mecha vs. Kaiju
Black Wyrm Games for Lux Aeternum
Electric Mulch for Borrowed Time
Paradigm Concepts for Caliphate Nights
The quality of submissions was so high that this summer Green Ronin will be publishing another book, True20 Worlds of Adventure, which features the runners-up from the setting search, as well as an original setting by Green Ronin itself. The runners-up and their settings are:
Amalara for Land of the Crane
Expeditious Retreat Press for Nevermore
Reality Blurs for Agents of Oblivion
Reality Deviant Publications for Blood Throne
Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up, and thanks to everyone who took part in the setting search!
Press Release: True20 Setting Search Winners Announced


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