Free Golden Age Adventure

Golden AgeCharge of the Freedom Brigade, a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by Christopher McGlothlin, is designed for six to eight Golden Age heroes in the power level 8 to 10 range. Although the Golden Age and Freedom City sourcebooks are recommended for running this adventure and capturing the feel of the era, they are not required. The adventure contains everything you need to run it using just the Mutants & Masterminds rulebook.
Golden Age Web Enhancement: Charge of the Freedom Brigade

True20 Wins Ogre’s Choice Award

True20 Adventure Roleplaying: Best Roleplaying GameTrue20 Adventure Roleplaying has won the Ogre’s Choice Award for Best Roleplaying Game. You can read all about the awards and even listen to more detailed discussion about them in the OgreCave Audio Report, all on
Ogre’s Choice Awards

Mansion of Shadows Web Enhancement: BCCS

Mansion of ShadowsThis web enhancement adapts the creatures and characters found in Mansion of Shadows for The Black Company Campaign Setting (BCCS). Nearly all of the adventure can be run as is, with little to no alteration, but the stat-blocks presented in this enhancement enable you to take advantage of the specific setting features described in BCCS.
Mansion of Shadows Web Enhancement: BCCS Golden Age PDF Preview

Golden AgeThe third Golden Age PDF preview, from Chapter 5: The Golden Age of Freedom is now live in Gimmick’s Gadgets on (Golden Age is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store.)
Golden Age PDF Preview #3 Free M&M Adventure

Hate is a Four-Letter Word is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by D.T. Buchino, available now in Gimmick’s Gadgets on What starts as a peaceful day in Freedom City slowly turns into a lesson in tolerance, as the heroes must defend the city from a hate-monger and his followers. Can the heroes stop him? Or will freedom become a word no longer associated with Freedom City?
Hate is a Four-Letter Word True20 Worlds of Adventure PDF Preview

True20 Worlds of AdventurePeek into the closet and under the bed in this preview of the True20 Worlds of Adventure setting The Razor in the Apple. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the monsters…
True20 Worlds of Adventure PDF Preview

ENnie-nominated Titles Added to Freelancer Fundraiser

Voting is now open in the ENnie Awards and Green Ronin has many nominated books. If you are not familiar with these quality products, have we got a deal for you! We are adding the PDFs of the following books to our list of sale items in the Freelancer Fundraiser. For a limited time you can buy the Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition core rulebook PDF and the Freedom City Second Edition PDF for $15 each, the Masterminds Manual PDF for $12.50, and the Lockdown PDF for $10. If you enjoy all this Mutants & Masterminds goodness, don’t forget that you can pre-order an exclusive M&M supplement as part of our Freelancer Fundraiser and that this is the only way you’ll be able to get this book. Also, ENnies voting ends soon, so be sure to make your vote count!
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True20 Worlds of Adventure PDF

True20 Worlds of AdventureThe PDF version of True20 Worlds of Adventure is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store.
Fight against the horrifying forces of the unknown in Agents of Oblivion, struggle to save a fantasy world drowning in the Age of Blood in Blood Throne, earn glory and honor for your clan in the Asian fantasy of Land of the Crane, explore the depths of dreams—and nightmares—in Nevermore, and save your neighborhood from the wolfman, the monster under the bed, and the creature in the closet as a kid in The Razor in the Apple.
Fantastic worlds of adventure await you!
True20 Worlds of Adventure (PDF) (Green Ronin Online Store)

Deck of Many Things

We have posted a product page in our catalog for our upcoming d20 System accessory, the Deck of Many Things (as scooped elsewhere on the Internet). We’ll be posting a cover image and other previews soon. For now, you can visit the catalog page to read about the deck.
The most famous artifact of them all comes to life with Green Ronin’s Deck of Many Things…
Deck of Many Things

Street-Level Archetypes

Street-Level ArchetypesThe latest Mutants & Masterminds creation by Ronin Arts is now available for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store. Street-Level Archetypes is just the thing for quick-starting a PL 6 campaign, or adding a dose of pre-generated lower-level NPCs to a higher-level campaign.
The archetypes inside are:
* Burnt-Out Hero—on the path to redemption.
* Pacifist Monk—an island of tranquility in a sea of violence.
* Physical Specimen—the only real hero.
* Private Detective—on the case.
* Psychic Investigator—possessing a great but unpredictable gift.
* Street Fighter—the baddest dude on the block.
* Swashbuckler—driving the blade of justice into the hearts of criminals.
* Tinker—fixing it even if it doesn’t need it.
* Vigilante—driven by vengeance.
* Wandering Mystic—adventuresome magic user.
Street-Level Archetypes