The Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many ThingsAh, the Deck of Many Things. Never has one magic item been responsible for such celebration on the one hand and such wailing and gnashing of teeth on the other. It might be the greatest thing that ever happens to your character or the thing that kills him when even ancient red dragons could not. Either way, daring to take on the deck is always fun. It’s like looking Fate straight in the eye and saying, "Bring it on."
In all the years that the Deck of Many Things has delighted and tormented players, though, it has remained an in-game item. Sure, you could use poker or tarot cards and to get the job done, but a real and proper Deck of Many Things hasn’t been available for RPG fans … until now.
Just in time for Christmas, Green Ronin Publishing is releasing the Deck of Many Things, a set of 24 tarot-sized cards beautifully illustrated by Brazilian artist Eliane Bettochi, whose work graced the Blue Rose roleplaying game. The deck itself is the standard 22 cards, and then there are 2 text cards that introduce the famous artifact. Each Deck of Many Things comes in a tuck box and retails for only $9.95.
The cards themselves contain no rules text, for two important reasons. First, this makes the Deck of Many Things edition proof. It can be used and enjoyed by fans of any edition of the game. Second, this allows us to adapt the deck concept to other RPGs. For example, rules for the Deck of Many Things will be featured in an upcoming sourcebook for the hit True20 Adventure Roleplaying game.
Green Ronin is no stranger to d20 accessories. Our d20 System Character Record Folio is in its sixth print run and has become the company’s top selling product of all time. The Deck of Many Things shares many of the characteristics that make the record folio so popular: it’s handy, it looks great, and it’s eminently affordable. Game Masters will also find it’s a great prop to spring on their players. Now when the party comes across a Deck of Many Things, the GM has but to reach into his bag, pull out the cards, and let the players face their Fate.
Pray for the Moon and beware the dreaded Donjon with Green Ronin’s Deck of Many Things!
The Deck of Many Things is due in our warehouse on December 6, and will be shipping to distributors shortly thereafter. It ought to be in stores the week before Christmas. You can view some preview images by visiting the Deck of Many Things page in our catalog.
Deck of Many Things