The Streets of Thieves’ World

Thieves' World Gift SetThis month, Green Ronin returns to the seedy streets of Sanctuary—fantasy’s most notorious city—with the Thieves’ World Gift Set. Inside this attractive and sturdy slipcase, you’ll find the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual, Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, Thieves’ World Gazetteer, Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, and Black Snake Dawn: Five books for a hundred bucks! That’s a lot of gaming for a great value.

Thieves’ World Player’s Manual

The first book in the series is a guidebook to playing d20 games in Thieves’ World, presenting a slew of optional rules that when used together truly reflect the gritty atmosphere of the setting. Included within are several new classes such as the survivor, savant, and initiate, new prestige classes like the crime lord and sacred bander, new feats, optional skills, rules for infections, drug use, poison, and a brand new magic system that reflects its often unpredictable practice in Sanctuary. Of course, you don’t have to use all the rules presented in this book; this is d20 after all, and GMs can pick and choose which nuggets they like and set aside those they don’t.

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary

This is the big setting book for Thieves’ World. This 256-page hardback book presents a comprehensive guide to the city, offering an overview of its history, juicy details on the city politics and atmosphere, a detailed legal system, an incredible look at almost 150 NPCs for you to populate your city, plus additional rules expansions to bring even more of Thieves’ World to life. This indispensable guide gives you everything you need to run and play in Sanctuary.

Thieves’ World Gazetteer

Sanctuary is a thrilling city of adventure by itself, but it exists in a much larger world. While you could insert Thieves’ World into just about any setting you like, running games set in the Known World offers a richer play environment and allows for more character options, campaign threads, and adventure sites. For fans of the anthologies, the Gazetteer offers a never before seen look at the world that these fantastic books have hinted at, revealing details about the Rankan Empire and the dreadful war of Wizardwall, and shedding light on fabulous lands like Caronne, Suma, and Tempus’s homeland of Azehur. Furthermore, this invaluable sourcebook describes the planar cosmology of Thieves’ World to create even more links between it and other campaign settings.

Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn

With all the rules and setting details, you might be wondering what to do next. Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn is the first adventure for Thieves’ World, written by Owen KC Stephens. Set in the era of the current anthologies, this mini-campaign offers a grounds-eye view of Sanctuary, letting the players take part in an exciting investigation-style adventure that pits them against sinister forces that would return Thieves’ World to its darkest era. Not only does this adventure provide an exciting play experience, but it also shows Thieves’ World in action, revealing what it’s like to live in and explore this vibrant setting.

Black Snake Dawn

A brand-new adventure designed specifically for the Thieves’ World Gift Set, Black Snake Dawn rolls back the clock and offers an adventure set during the popular classic era. The players find themselves embroiled in the chaotic upheaval that resulted when Death’s Queen, Roxane, came to Sanctuary to sow unrest and division in this far-flung Rankan city. As the characters navigate the faction-held districts of the city, they have a chance to rub shoulders with folks like Molin Torchholder, Zip and the PFLS, Ischade, Stilcho, and many more beloved characters from the classic anthologies.

Using the Thieves’ World Gift Set

Green Ronin’s Thieves’ World campaign setting sourcebooks offer a complete package of game material that’s fully customizable to fit your style of play. If all you have is a Player’s Handbook, you can make use of all the rules and options included in these books to explore the dangerous alleys of the Maze, take a stroll along the Wideway, or gaze upon Enas Yorl’s basilisk-guarded mansion of Pyrtanis Street. Alternatively, Thieves’ World is adaptable so you can use the wealth of information in conjunction with other d20 sourcebooks. For example, if you want to use the Black Company Campaign Setting with Thieves’ World, simply pick which magic system you like the best and you’re ready to forge ahead—and if you have True Sorcery, rules to adapt Thieves’ World to Black Company are included in the appendix of that sourcebook. Or, if you prefer to insert Thieves’ World into another setting, you can use the campaign seeds, NPCs, locations, and more in conjunction with whatever rules you’d like to use. Finally, if you are a fan of Green Ronin’s True20 Adventure Roleplaying, watch this space as we’re going to produce a limited series that converts certain game concepts, NPCs, and more for use with the True20 System. In short, once you pick up the Thieves’ World Gift Set, it’s yours to do with as you like. If you enjoy thrilling plots, disturbing cults, foul gods, murder most foul, loose morals, and insidious conspiracies, then the Thieves’ World Gift Set is for you.

(And don’t forget about our Preorder Special: If you preorder the Thieves’ World RPG Gift Set from our Green Ronin Online Store, you will receive a Thieves’ World book plate signed by Lynn Abbey with your purchase!)