Walk the Plank with Green Ronin this Summer

News has been trickling out here and there for a while now, but we are pleased to announce an upcoming release, Walk the Plank, the card game of piracy and ambition. This family-friendly, non-collectible card game features cool art by Ramsey Hong and simple rules that are quick to learn and fun to master.
Walk the Plank is great for 3 to 9 buccaneers, ages 8 and up. Each game takes just 5 to 10 minutes to play. The game includes 68 color playing cards and a rules sheet. Walk the Plank has an MSRP of just $14.95, and is scheduled for early summer, 2007.
We have posted a designer journal entry, for the game, wherein you may learn the secret origins of Walk the Plank.
Walk the Plank Designer Journal, Part One: Ancient History