Green Ronin to Publish Faery’s Tale Deluxe



Industry Leader Teams Up with Firefly Games

April 23, 2007–SEATTLE, WA: Green Ronin Publishing has reached an agreement with Firefly Games to publish a deluxe version of its Faery’s Tale game. Originally released in 2006, Faery’s Tale is an interactive storytelling game suitable for ages 6 and up. Green Ronin’s deluxe edition will include the original game and 32 pages of new material.

"So few games try to expand the gaming audience and Faery’s Tale does just that," said Green Ronin President Chris Pramas. "This is a game parents can play with their kids and it’s a perfect introduction to roleplaying."

"The deluxe edition expands the game for those who are already Faery’s Tale fans, and offers a fantastic opportunity to reach a much bigger audience," said Patrick Sweeney, president of Firefly Games. "I look forward to working with Green Ronin to help introduce the next generation to our hobby."

Faery’s Tale Deluxe will release this August and debut at GenCon Indy.

About Green Ronin Publishing
Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle-based company known for its dedication to quality books and games. Founded in 2000, Green Ronin has won more awards for excellence and innovation than any other game company in the new millennium, and took home the coveted ENnie Award for Best Publisher an unprecedented three years running. With great licenses like Thieves’ World and the Black Company, groundbreaking games like Mutants & Masterminds and Blue Rose, and a roster of top flight designers and illustrators, Green Ronin Publishing is a leading light in the hobby game industry.

Green Ronin Media Contact
Nicole Lindroos

About Firefly Games
Based in California, Firefly Games publishes quality family- and child-friendly games providing dynamic fun for all ages.

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