Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes

The Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes PDF, created by Ronin Arts, is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store.

The included archetypes are:

  • Armed Citizen—not going to wait on the heroes.
  • Da Sihing—Master Lee’s top student.
  • Emerging Mutant—coming into one’s powers isn’t easy.
  • Enduring Guardian—truly going beyond the call of duty.
  • Farsider Emigrant—protecting his adopted home.
  • Field Researcher—archaeology in the World of Freedom is unlike anything else.
  • Superpowered Orphan—who did she get her powers from?
  • Technology Geek—makes use of thematic gadgets.
  • Transformed Bystander—an innocent bystander no longer.
  • Zoom Survivor—sometimes an overdose gives you

Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes (PDF)