Highmoon Media Presents Targum Magazine #3

Highmoon Media has released Targum Magazine #3 in support of our Testament Mythic Vistas campaign setting.
Targum Magazine #3Highmoon Media Productions, in association with Green Ronin Publishing, presents Targum Magazine – Issue 03.
Welcome to the third issue of Targum Magazine, the magazine in support of Eternal Rome: Roleplaying in the Age of Gods and Emperors, Trojan War: Roleplaying in the Age of Homeric Adventure, Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era and all Ancient World campaign settings. In this issue you will find the following articles:

  • Ostraca: Lost Tribes by Spike Y Jones – Spike explores the Lost Tribes of Israel in great detail (14,000 words worth of detail, to be precise).
  • Bless Me, For I Have Sinned by Allon Mureinik – Exploring sin and redemption as themes in your games.
  • The Passover by Scott G. Carter – Using this pivotal holiday in your Testament games.
  • Era Spotlight: The Battle of Thermopylae by Eric Hansen – A mini-gazetteer for roleplaying alongside King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans; usable with Trojan War and with standard d20 rules.
  • Free Paper Minis from Arion Games.

Come adventure in the lands of the ancient world today!
And remember there is a 4-issue subscription available as well.