Now Available: Bleeding Edge Adventure #6, Escape from Ceranir (PDF)

Escape from CeranirNow available in our Green Ronin Online Store: the PDF version of Bleeding Edge Adventures #6, Escape from Ceranir.

For centuries, the academy and fortress of Ceranir has kept the lands safe, but when no help emerged in the face of a terrible undead attack on the village of Erburg, the locals have become frightened and disturbed by the apparent silence from their protectors. Those messengers who have returned bring stories of an eerie silence, and no means to enter. It falls to a band of local heroes to solve the mystery of Ceranir and find out just what exactly happened to this famous stronghold.
Escape from Ceranir is the sixth installment of the Bleeding Edge Adventures, bringing thrilling combat, engaging NPCs, and dynamic environments straight to your d20 games. While this adventure may seem like any other dungeon crawl, it has a twist, for those who enter have the hardest time getting out.

Escape from Ceranir (PDF)