Green Ronin Holiday Sale

To spread some holiday cheer (and to make some more room for our warehouse elves to rollerskate between the shelves), we have put together a Holiday Sale in our Green Ronin Online Store, featuring several bundles of great GR products at blow-out prices. Whether you’re doing some last-minute shopping for the gamers on your list, or treating yourself to a little something with your holiday gelt, this is the sale for you!
On sale now:
Thieves’ World RPG Gift Set: $50 (50% off)
Paths of the Damned Bundle: Get the whole Paths of the Damned Trilogy for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition (Ashes of Middenheim, Spires of Altdorf, and Forges of Nuln) for only $30 (60% off)
Bretonnia Bundle: Get Knights of the Grail and Barony of the Damned for $30 (45% off)
Skaven Bundle: Get Children of the Horned Rat and Terror in Talabheim for $30 (37% off)
Delvers Bundle: Get Karak Azgal and Plundered Vaults for $30 (40% off)
Blue Rose Bundle: Get all three Blue Rose books (Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy, Blue Rose Companion, and the World of Aldea) for $40 (49% off)
Bleeding Edge Bundle: Get Bleeding Edge adventures #1 through #6 for $25 (60% off)
Freeport Bundle: Get the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, the True20 Freeport Companion, and Dark Wings Over Freeport for $50 (30% off)
True20 Bundle: Get True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the True20 Narrator’s Kit, and the True20 Bestiary for $50 (41% off)
M&M Player’s Bundle: Get 3 copies of the Mutants & Masterminds Pocket Player’s Guide for $30 (50% off)
But don’t just take our word for it–discover the savings for yourself!