Green Ronin Online Store Back in Business

We are pleased to announce that our Green Ronin Online Store is up and running again, and running on shiny new software at that.
On January 6 a module in the store system apparently decided somehow to upgrade itself, but this unasked-for upgrade instead broke the module. Attempts to fix the problem proved fruitless. We decided to go ahead with a long-planned upgrade to a newer version of our store software, and the upgrade is finally now complete.
If you gave up on coming back to our store after seeing the “Maintenance Mode” message so many times, please rest assured that we’re back, and your customer information has been transferred to the new version of the store along with our product catalog. Please take a look again–we missed you while our store was down!
If you’re a past PDF customer, as long as your download links worked prior to January 6th, they should still work the same. Going forward, download links for any PDFs purchased after January 22nd will be accessible from the Account tab after you log in to the store. As always, please regularly back up your PDF files (and all your other data, of course) to external media. Thanks!
Check out the new Green Ronin Online Store