Green Ronin Online Store Back in the PDF Business

We finally have turned back on the PDF products in our Green Ronin Online Store. Based on our testing they are working fine now.
If you’ve had trouble unzipping a download from our site and haven’t had help yet, please send an email message with your order number to pdfsupport [at] greenronin [dot] com. You should also be able to log in to our store, click the Accounts tab, and redownload a working version of your PDF. (This only works for PDFs purchased after January 6th, 2009, which is also when the problems started occurring.)
Our testing showed that our PDFs unzip just fine now in both Windows and Mac OS X, but please alert us right away at our PDF support address if you find otherwise.
Please watch this space for news of more great Green Ronin products coming soon in print and PDF format. Thanks for your support! It means everything to us.