M&M Caper #1: Little League

M&M Caper #1: Little LeagueNow available in our Green Ronin Online Store, M&M Caper #1: Little League is a fast-playing adventure by Steve Kenson.
How much trouble can a bunch of kids be? Quite a lot, when those kids were once the members of the world-famous Freedom League and they still have their amazing array of super-powers! Even more when the “kid” in question is the extradimensional imp known as Quirk, who’s looking to play a dangerous new game with the heroes of Freedom City.
Little League is a Freedom City adventure for Mutants & Masterminds, intended for four to six power level 10 heroes.
M&M Capers provide GMs with affordable adventures suitable for playing in one gaming session.
M&M Caper #1: Little League


  • Evan Sass

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