Mutants & Masterminds Product Bonanza

Today we have not one, not just two, but three new Mutants & Masterminds products available for you.

Mecha & MangaWe had a limited number of Mecha & Manga available at Gen Con, but now it’s on store shelves, which means it’s available from our Green Ronin Online Store.

Pocket Ultimate PowerPocket Ultimate Power brings back into print one of our most popular Mutants & Masterminds books. It’s also available now in stores, and on this site.

M&M Caper #2: In a Strange LandWe have also released the second PDF in our M&M Capers series, In a Strange Land: "Air Force One has disappeared over South America and it’s up to your heroes to save the day! But through the terror and tribulations that await the players in the Lost World, they will discover greater dangers than they can imagine and will play for the ultimate stakes before their trials end…"