Green Ronin Podcast: Episode 10, Dragon Age Interview

We ronins recently gathered together in Seattle for our annual summit, to plan out our schedule for the next year, eat some great food, and even play some games together. We took advantage of being in the same place to record some new podcast material. In this episode, straight from GR HQ, Steve Kenson turns the tables on our usual podcast host, Chris Pramas, and interviews him about designing Dragon Age.

The episode clocks in at 18 minutes, and is a svelte 16.9 MB download.

Listen now:

Dragon Age is our upcoming dark fantasy RPG based on BioWare’s soon-to-be-released Dragon Age: Origins computer game.

Chris Pramas is our company president and the award-winning designer of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay second edition, Freeport, and more. Steve Kenson is our lead game designer and has himself won many awards for Mutants & Masterminds, True20, and more. Also making an appearance is Marc Schmalz, our Director of Electronic Publishing.

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