Dragon Age GM’s Kit Pre-Order Special

Dragon Age GM's KitThe Dragon Age Game Master’s Kit is heading off to the printer, which means it’s time to offer it up for pre-order. And since our pre-order specials have been going well, when you pre-order the GM’s Kit you’ll be offered the PDF version for free during checkout (you can, of course, order the PDF instead).

The Dragon Age Game Master’s Kit is the perfect accessory for fans of the Dragon Age RPG. This handy product features a three-panel hardback screen that puts all the essential game info right in front you. It also includes a 32-page adventure by Jeff Tidball that can serve as an introduction to the game or as a follow-up to the adventure in the core game. With the Game Master’s Kit and Set 1 of the Dragon Age RPG, you’ll be ready to kickstart your dark fantasy campaign.

The PDF version includes the 32-page adventure along with color PDFs of the art and tables from the GM screen.

Pre-Order the Dragon Age GM’s Kit