Dragon Age Open Playtest: September 2010!

The Dragon Age RPG Set 1 was enthusiastically received. Old hands and new tabletop roleplayers leapt at the chance to tell exciting stories of their own in Thedas.

We at Green Ronin hoped to follow Set 1, which covers PC levels 1-5, with the speedy release of Set 2, containing rules for heroes of level 6-10. We’re sorry that Set 2 is not out yet, because we know that many Dragon Age players have hit level 5 and are anxiously waiting for the rules that will take them further.

If we could publish Set 2 tomorrow, we’d do it. Because we can’t, we’re going to do what we hope is the next best thing. In mid-September, we’re going to open a public beta test of most of the game-mechanical aspects of Set 2, including rules for advancing Player Characters through levels 6-10.

We hope to kill two birds with one stone, giving the Dragon Age RPG‘s fans the chance to resume their campaigns right away while also strengthening the Set 2 rules with the whole Internet’s playtest notes.

When they’re ready, the free beta playtest materials will be available at greenronin.com. Anyone who wants to download them will be able to. More details about how to submit your playtest reports—if you choose to do so—will be posted along with the playtest package.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the fans who’ve adventured in Thedas since Set 1 came out, who’ve told us how much they like the game, and who’ve patiently awaited Set 2.

We’ll see you on the forums!