Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit Pre-Order and PDF

Mutants & Masterminds GM's KitThe Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit is now available for pre-order in our Green Ronin Online Store. The kit features a signature Green Ronin hardcover stock, full-color GM screen featuring stunning art on the players’ side and all the tables needed to play M&M third edition on the GM’s side. And to keep the utility going for GMs as well as players, the Kit includes the 48-page Quickstart Character Generator, allowing players to quickly generate balanced, playable characters with some dice rolls and a few easy decisions.
Also, when you pre-order the M&M GM’s Kit through our online store (or from any brick-and-mortar store participating in our GR Pre-Order Plus program) you’ll be able to get the PDF version for just $5 during checkout.
Not sure yet if you want to spring for the print version of the GM’s Kit? You can order the PDF version for just $10 and check it out.
This product is for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.


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