Dragon Age RPG Invades Kobold Quarterly #17

Kobold Quarterly #17Given their draconic nature, it’s not surprising that the kobolds over at Kobold Quarterly magazine are publishing more Dragon Age RPG content with every issue. The latest, issue #17, has three articles dedicated to Dragon Age.
Lead developer Jeff Tidball talks with KQ contributor Jeremy Jones about several of the many fascinating projects on his plate, from a Cthulhoid mega-campaign to a 2D fighter video game, and provides some great insight into the life of a freelance writer and designer. He also gives a peek behind the scenes on the development of Dragon Age Set 2.
“On the Streets and In the Books: Chase and Research Scenes in Dragon Age RPG” by Quinn Murphy provides some nice, crunchy mechanics for two timeless set-pieces in swords-and-sorcery: the pulse-pounding chase scene, and the search through musty tomes for ancient secrets. The article provides new stunts for both, and suggests ways to handle a running battle during combat. A sidebar offers 12 obstacles to make pursuit even more interesting, ranging from a mob of angry peasants to a pit full of magma.
Jeff Tidball contributes an article of his own to this issue: an in-depth analysis of how stunts work in Dragon Age RPG. Jeff gives GMs some valuable guidance on creating their own stunts—for Dragon Age, but also for other fantasy roleplaying games.This article is a great read for anyone who wants to learn more about how stunts work, and use them to their fullest extent to make their campaigns more fun and exciting.
You can purchase Kobold Quarterly #17 in PDF or Print + PDF at the Kobold Store.


  • Evan Sass

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