Free RPG Day 2013

[EDIT: Sorry! Time’s up!]

As it happens, Free RPG Day falls on my birthday this year. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get me anything! Your continued support of Green Ronin is the best gift I could ask for. Instead, I’d like to give something to you. For the full 24 hours of June 15, you can download a bundle of free Mutants & Masterminds goodness. It includes the M&M Hero’s Handbook, the 10 pre-generated characters of the Sentinels, and Chapter 0 of the Emerald City Knights adventure series. If you’ve ever been curious about Mutants & Masterminds, now is your chance to check it out!

Chris Pramas

Free RPG Day 2013 Bundle


  • Chris Pramas

    Chris Pramas is an award-winning game designer, writer, and publisher. He is best known as the designer of the Dragon Age RPG and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition, and as the founder and President of Green Ronin Publishing. He has been a creative director at Wizards of the Coast and Flying Lab Software and wrote a series of books about fantasy warfare for Osprey Publishing. Green Ronin continues to thrive under his leadership, publishing roleplaying games like The Expanse, Mutants & Masterminds, Blue Rose, and Modern AGE. 2020 is a milestone year for Pramas and Green Ronin, with the company celebrating its 20th anniversary.