Mutants & Masterminds First Appearances: #4 and #5

Today we present the final four heroes from our First Appearance level backers from the Deluxe Hero’s Handbook Kickstarter campaign.

In First Appearance #4 we have TitanPrime from the mind of Scott Kunian. A cosmic-powered hero with his origins in Nazi Germany. And, from Jonathan French, we have U.S. Ape! Really, it doesn’t get any better than a marine transformed into a super-powered gorilla who fights the Axis!

In First Appearance #5, we get to see the final two heroes from our backers. This PDF features Velocity Raptor from Kyle Rivest, one of the people behind the M&M-flavored Punching for Justice Podcast. Velocity Raptor is just your average, ordinary dinosaur that’s been captured by aliens, uplifted, and escaped to become a member of a cosmic superteam! And, from Erik Menard and P. Michael Hodge, we have Virago! A legacy superhero who’s inherited powers from her WWII-era superhero grandparents!

Mutants & Masterminds First Appearances: TitanPrime and U.S. Ape

Mutants & Masterminds First Appearances: Velocity Raptor and Virago II

Thanks to all the First Appearance backers and we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing their creations. It was great working with them on this project and we’re happy to be able to feature them here on our site.