Fate Freeport Companion and Freeport Bundle Deal

The Fate Freeport Companion is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store. The Fate Freeport Companion is your rules guide to exploring Green Ronin’s Freeport. Whether as a daring hero looking for adventure, or as a Gamemaster seeking new worlds to explore, this sourcebook is an indispensable accessory for fans of both Freeport and the Fate System!

Also, when you buy the PDF, we’ll offer you the PDF of the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport for just $10 during checkout. When you see the pop-up, just click Add to Cart and then Continue to get the deal.

If you already purchased the Fate Freeport Companion PDF and didn’t see the Pirate’s Guide PDF deal, please drop a line to pdfsupport at Green Ronin dot com and we’ll set you up with a coupon code.

Fate Freeport Companion