Dragon Age Set 3 Preorders Currently Shipping

If you pre-ordered Dragon Age RPG Set 3, the guys in the warehouse in Indiana have either already packed and shipped your order, or are working hard to get it on its way to you.

Because we use an outside company for our fulfillment and shipping, when an order is listed "fulfilled" in our online store that signals that your order was successfully passed on to the fulfillment company on that date. When they finish fulfillment and ship the product, they send us an invoice with a tracking number attached and we have a lovely intern who transfers those numbers to your order information in our store and generates an email notifying you that it’s shipped. A little more cumbersome than Amazon’s process but we do try to make it work, though we don’t always get the invoices with the tracking numbers in time to add them to the order information before they arrive if it’s a short delivery time or part of an unusually large batch of orders.

In case you missed the pre-order window, Dragon Age Set 3 is slated to appear on store shelves soon. It is also available in PDF format now.