Ronin Round Table: Share Your Enthusiasm

People often talk about how important “word of mouth” is. About how important it is to get people who like something to talk about that product or service, because it can have such a huge impact on others who are interested, but haven’t made up their minds yet. That’s where you come in!

In the age of ordering online and downloadable PDFs, word-of-mouth is more important than ever, because curious shoppers can’t page through a book before buying it like they can in your favorite local game store. Sure, people can read the description of a book or game on a company website, but that stuff is written specifically to make it sound as interesting as possible and to get you to buy the book. What curious gamers really need when they’re visiting a site like DriveThruRPG or Amazon are reviews from people who’ve already downloaded, read, or played that game.

You’ve probably been in that situation before; “This looks interesting, but how good is it really? How’s the art? What sort of rules crunch is inside? I can’t tell.” And what I’m hoping—what I’m asking—is that you take some time to leave a review for our games and sourcebooks after you have a chance to read through or play them.

Green Ronin’s been around for well over a decade now, so the quality of our games is well known to our fans and in the gaming industry, but for new players or people who are curious about what we make, reviews are very important.

So, if you enjoy a Green Ronin game, book, supplement, or PDF, please share your enthusiasm! We’re not looking for you to stroke our egos since that doesn’t really help anyone—and we’re not looking for feedback about why you hate a thing because it’s the sort of thing you hate. What I’m asking is that once you’ve had time to think about what you’ve purchased, that you go back to the site you bought it at and give us a star rating—or even better—write a short review about what you liked and what you thought was lacking. That helps curious shoppers make more informed decisions, but also gives us designers, writers, and developers tips on how to improve.

If you picked up the Cosmic Handbook, Fantasy AGE, Titansgrave, the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, or any of our recent PDF releases, like Freeport’s Curse of the Brine Witch, Rogues Gallery: Chakram, or any of our other games, please take a few minutes and write a review. We’d all really appreciate it and so would all those people who look at those supplements after you!


Jon Leitheusser

M&M Game Developer