The Lost Citadel Countdown


The clock is counting down on Kickstarter for The Lost Citadel — Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying. Thanks to our amazing backers, we fully funded in 24 hours, and have been knocking down stretch goal after stretch goal:

  • Funded: Hardback printing!
  • Funded: Lavishly illustrated fable prologue by Elizabeth Hand!
  • Funded: Setting Soundtracks I: Music composed for Lost Citadel games by Brian Hodge and Toll Carom!
  • Funded: Double-sided poster map, featuring cartography by Andy Law!
  • Funded: System hack: Adventure Game Engine (AGE system) rules conversion document by Gary Astleford!
  • Funded: Game Master’s Screen!
  • Funded: Martial schools: 16-page expansion to the rulebook written by Malcolm Sheppard and C.A. Suleiman!
  • Funded: Lost Citadel novel #2, by Brian Hodge!

These stretch goals are all upgrades or additions to The Lost Citadel Core Set, featuring the RPG corebook; The Other Side of Peace, an original novel of the Lost Citadel by C.A. Suleiman and Ari Marmell; an original Lost Citadel adventure; and Tales of the Lost Citadel, the first Lost Citadel anthology.

Still heading toward funding:

Setting Soundtracks II: Brian Hodge, H. Arnold Jones, & Toll Carom: Passing this mark allows us to complete the Lost Citadel Soundtrack! Brian Hodge and Toll Carom will each compose and produce an additional track to accompany the first two, and they’ll be joined by sound wizard H. Arnold Jones, who will compose and produce additional tracks to help round out the setting soundtrack. As before, backers of this project will receive these songs for free.

As always, we are beyond grateful for all of our backers’ amazing support. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to explore The Lost Citadel with you!


  • Nicole Lindroos

    Nicole Lindroos entered the game industry in 1989. In that time, she co-founded Adventures Unlimited magazine, served on the board of the Game Manufacturers Association and as the chair of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design, volunteered both on the advisory committee and as the head of the Origins Awards, and has been an active freelancer for large and small companies alike. Since the year 2000 she has been co-owner and General Manager of Green Ronin Publishing. Her recent projects include contributions to the Dragon Age Tabletop Roleplaying Game and Titansgrave: Ashes of Valakana. She's also the sweetest person you never want to piss off.