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“The Library of Alexandria was once a beacon of learning and history, containing the collected knowledge of whole civilizations. Part temple, part research center, the Library was the scholastic capital of the ancient world for over four hundred years. It survived wars, fires, Caesars, and sabotage, until one day it was destroyed. Or so it was thought. Information has come to light that a portion of that collected knowledge survives. The race is on between the great archaeologists and treasure hunters of the 1920s to be the first to discover this archive. However, these brave adventurers will face more than just each other in their pursuit. Tomb raiders are treacherous, but librarians are worse.”

Our first adventure for Titan City Chronicles, a new setting for M&M!

Titan City is a new fantasy noir setting we will explore for upcoming Mutants & Masterminds content. It is a world of magic, monsters, mobsters, and costumed crimefighters where the supernatural is common knowledge to the general public. Stories in this setting span an alternate version of the 1920s and 30s where ordinary citizens and governments grapple with adapting society to integrate the weird and mystical denizens of the world. If you want to learn more about this setting you can pick up Alex’s novel, The Magician’s Sin, where fine books are sold, or check out any number of Titan City Chronicles actual plays on the Untold Stories Project YouTube channel.