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If you’re interested in the Freebooter Volunteer GM Program, click the button to fill out the Freebooter form, so we can contact you with information.

The Freebooter Program

Green Ronin Publishing is looking for some great new folks to run our games at select conventions. You may have seen us promoting our program at Gen Con and Origins, but we’re expanding out to more shows. We are also looking to have events at Friendly Local Game Stores near you. On this page you’ll find information about various shows we’re looking for folks to submit games, as well as some general information about the program.

The mission of The Freebooter Program is to promote our supported games through events, demos, and hobby days, as well as conventions and other special events. Freebooters should also be ambassadors of tabletop gaming to the public at large.

Nifty Benefits

Here are some great reasons to join the ranks of volunteer Freebooters:

  • Freebooters can have their events added to the official Green Ronin Events Calendar.
  • Get a cool Green Ronin t-shirt! We usually give them out a couple of times per year to active* members. The longer you’re active, the more you get. Pretty sweet, eh?
  • By running games, you can earn GM experience points. Once you have acquired the appropriate XP levels**, you can request rewards from Green Ronin. These come in the form of credit in our Online Store. You can use the credit to buy whatever you like (PDFs, books, t-shirts, etc.).
  • GM badge and/or partial hotel reimbursement at select conventions**
  • Access to Freebooter social media forums that provide support, advice, and encouragement.
  • The most basic perk of membership is involvement in the growth of Green Ronin games. In the future, there may be opportunities for Freebooters to playtest new material, write articles for the Green Ronin blog or other publications, and help plan large events.

*Active Freebooters run games at conventions and/or FLGS and submit event reports.

**See Freebooter guidelines for how to qualify. Still have questions? Send an email to

Gen Con

Many of our games, especially Mutants & Masterminds, are on the list of Gen Con High Demand Games. Over the years, we have also received a lot of requests for more Dragon Age, plus we’re always happy for more Song of Ice & Fire. For 2018, we hope to expand that out more with lots of submissions for Blue Rose RPG, The Lost Citadel RPG, Fantasy AGE, Titansgrave, Freeport, Critical Role Campaign Setting, Lazarus, Love 2 Hate, and more.

We’re looking for volunteers to run games, whether one session or 4-days of sessions. Here’s how it works:

  • Green Ronin arranges for a GM Badge in return for 12-hours’ worth of game time scheduled.
  • For 16+ hours of game time scheduled, we will reimburse your hotel based on 25% of a regular rate.  As an example, if a room is $200 per night we’ll pick up your part, so $50 per night!
  • Green Ronin must submit your games to count towards the GM Badge reimbursement and hotel room reimbursement.
  • You are still welcome to submit games via your favorite game group or other game companies, but we will only pick up badges/hotel reimbursement for our submitted games.

Don’t need a free badge or hotel reimbursement? We’d still love to feature your game! If you submit a game with your favorite gaming group, or on your own, let us know and we’ll promote your game via our social media and at the Green Ronin Publishing Booth.

Other shows

We’ll also be looking for Freebooter GMs at other shows. See below for a list of conventions we’ve done in the past. If you’re interested in any of these shows below, please click the link to fill out the form at the bottom!

Pacific Northwest

Central USA

East Coast

USA – Locations vary

Other Countries

Friendly Local Game Stores

We are looking for people who are excited and are able to promote games in their local game store. This is where you will partner with a local game store or other location to host a “Green Ronin Day/Night”. Whether monthly or weekly, you’ll arrange to be on a game store’s calendar with reserved tables for anyone to come play Green Ronin games. You may run demo games or supervise other GMs who are running games or demos.

Green Ronin RPGs (Systems / Settings) & Card Games

Blue Rose

The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy

Blue Rose is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which the players take the role of heroes in the world of Aldea, a setting inspired by works of the romantic fantasy genre. Connections to other characters matter as much as combat skills and magic in these stories of solving mysteries, righting wrongs, and daring heroics. Blue Rose is powered by the Adventure Game Engine (or AGE, for short). All you need is the Blue Rose AGE core rulebook to start playing

Want to Volunteer?

We want our volunteers to have the best time possible while growing their own community, developing local events, supporting and building lasting relationships with local stores, and building their own hobby collection.

Thank you for your interest in running games for Green Ronin Publishing! Questions? Email Veronica at Happy Gaming!

If you’re interested in the Freebooter Volunteer GM Program, click the button to fill out the Freebooter form, so we can contact you with information.