Book of the Righteous, Holy Warrior’s Handbook, and More PDFs

Holy Warrior's HandbookWe have added some PDF products to our Green Ronin Online Store, including Book of the Righteous, Book of Fiends, and Holy Warrior’s Handbook. Book of the Righteous is of course our award-winning divine sourcebook for the 3.0 version of the d20 System. Book of Fiends is our critically-acclaimed malefic bestiary of devils, demons, and daemons, all 3.5 rules-updated. Holy Warrior’s Handbook updates the popular holy warrior core class from Book of the Righteous to the 3.5 rules, and is a steal at $4.00. Even better, if you buy the PDF version of Book of the Righteous for $20, you’ll get the Holy Warrior’s Handbook PDF included in your download for free! Now that is righteous.
Book of Fiends (PDF)
Book of the Righteous (PDF)
Holy Warrior’s Handbook (PDF)