Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: A Game of Thrones Edition Pre-Order Special

SIFRP Game of Thrones EditionThe Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones Edition is now available for pre-order from our Green Ronin Online Store!

A Game of Thrones Edition is the new core rulebook
for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Based on
George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic, A Song of Ice and Fire
gives you everything you need to play and
run games in the Seven Kingdoms using an easy to learn
system specifically designed to evoke the atmosphere of
the best-selling novels and hit TV show. This edition
includes the entire contents of the original rulebook,
revised and updated, plus the full length adventure Peril
at King’s Landing
and a gorgeous new cover by fan
favorite Michael Komarck. You and your fellow players take
on the roles of key members of a noble house navigating
the perilous waters of Westerosi politics and intrigue.
Now is your chance to play the Game of Thrones with Green
Ronin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying!

When you pre-order the printed Game of Thrones Edition in our online store, we’ll offer you the PDF version for just $5 during checkout. You can get the same deal from brick-and-mortar stores who are participating in our GR Pre-Order Plus program. Ask your local retailer.

Pre-Order A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game of Thrones Edition today!
(Or you can buy the PDF for $20.)


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