Update on SIFRP Campaign Guide A Game of Thrones Edition

A couple things we (okay, Evan) forgot to post in yesterday’s announcement about the new A Game of Thrones Edition of the A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide:

1) If you purchased the PDF of the original version in our online store, we’ve replaced your download with the PDF of the A Game of Thrones Edition. You can log in with the same account you used to make your original purchase, and the SIFRP Campaign Guide link on your account page will now download the new edition. It is possible to have more than one user name associated with the same email address, so if you log in but don’t see the download link, revisit the Login page and enter your email address(es) in the Forgot Your User Name? box.

2) There is a possibility that we will have some copies of A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A Game of Thrones Edition at Gen Con this August, a week or two before the book appears on store shelves. If you’re planning on going to Gen Con and want the new edition in its print version, feel free to wait until Gen Con instead of pre-ordering. (Pre-ordering will, of course, allow you to get the PDF version for just $5 during checkout, if that’s important to you.)



  • Evan Sass

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