The Art of RPGs This August in Seattle

This August we are sponsoring an art in show in Seattle called The Art of Roleplaying Games at Krab Jab Studio. Chris Pramas is co-curating the show with Julie Baroh and the two have teamed up to bring an impressive array of artists together. There is an opening reception on August 11 from 6-9 pm and many of the artists and Chris Pramas will be in attendance. The show will remain open for a month, so you’ll have a chance to see it if you can’t making the reception. 

Artists include Todd Lockwood, Melissa A Benson, Michael Phillippi, Randy Gallegos, Liz Danforth, Mark Tedin, Rob Alexander, Brian Snoddy, Anthony Waters, Heather Hudson, Raven Mimura, Lee Moyer, Samuel Araya, Jeff Menges, RK Post, Mark Smylie, Drew Tucker, Jeremy Jarvis, Aaron McConnell, Jeremy Corff, Julie Baroh, Sarah Otterstatter, plus collections featuring Brom, Jeff Dee, Jeff Easley and more.
Come on down to the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle and experience The Art of Roleplaying Games!