Chris Pramas on A Feast of Ice and Fire


Here at Green Ronin, gaming and eating go hand in hand. At our regular game night, we always have dinner first and then get to gaming. When we started working on A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, it didn’t take long before the terrific website Inn at the Crossroads came to our attention. There chefs Chelsea and Sariann offered recipes for many of the sumptuous foods described in George R.R. Martin’s novels. Many of these are based off of real medieval and renaissance recipes, though modern variations are offered as well. It’s no surprise these talented ladies ended up with a book deal and the result was A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

Now about a year ago GR’s own Nicole Lindroos started a cooking club with a bunch of our Seattle friends. The idea was to pick a cookbook and have everyone make a dish or two out of it. The result was a fun day of cooking, socializing, and eating. As many of our friends are gamers and nerds of various stripes, it was a foregone conclusion that we’d eventually select a Feast of Ice and Fire. 


We held the event at our place last weekend and we had our biggest turnout yet: 27 people. Build it and nerds will come! Most of the recipes came from the book, with a couple from the Inn at the Crossroads site and a couple from a medieval cookery site. New member Dan also brought his home brewed mead. The results? Fantastic! The only problem with such a large group is that some of the dishes were scarfed down before all the members had even arrived. The centerpiece was Heather’s whole duck, who she dubbed Ned because she’d had to take off his head!

Here’s the menu. I made the Wintercakes. We wanted to make the Honeyed Locusts but couldn’t find locusts or crickets that were not seasoned. 

Salad at Castle Black (spinach and turnip greens salad with roasted chickpeas and raisins)
Traditional Bean and Bacon soup
Iced Blueberries in Sweet Cream (two versions, Medieval Creme Bastard, and Modern Sweet Cream)
eval Mulled Wine
Medieval Armored Turnips (turnips, cheese, butter, and Poudre Douce)
Medieval Beef and Bacon Pie
Modern Beef and Bacon Pie
Baked Apples
Black Bread (bread recipe made with dark beer)
Sweet Pumpkin Soup
Medieval White Beans and Bacon
Duck with Lemons
Elizabethan Wintercakes (scone-like cakes with dried cherries, candied ginger and pine nuts)
Goat with Sweetgrass, Firepods, and Honey
Spinach Tart
Stuffed Eggs
Strawberry Tart
Ginger Pear Mead
Various preserve (spicy pickled patty pan squash, pickled cherries, pickled figs, and q uince chutney)
This was a fun day with delicious food. It’s easy to imagine doing a feast such as this with a game group and then playing A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying after (or during for real roleplaying!). Alas, with 27 people that was not an option for us. But enough of my honeyed words, here are some pics!