International Tabletop Day

International Table Top Day logoOur friends at Geek & Sundry are launching International Tabletop Day this year. On March 30 gamers all over the world will get together, roll some dice, and have fun with hobby games. We love this idea! Furthermore, we want to encourage folks to get out there and play some Green Ronin games. Whether you are a retail store or a game group, we have some handy resources for you that can help you plan a formal or casual event. If you want to register your event or look for what’s happening in your area, go to International Tabletop Day’s website.

Here are some ideas for Green Ronin games you could run with free PDFs from our websites.

Dragon Age

We have a Dragon Age Quickstart PDF that includes enough rules to play, pre-generated characters, and a short adventure. Another option is the adventure A Bann Too Many in the Dragon Age GM’s Kit.

A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (SIFRP)

Game of Thrones fans will enjoy the SIFRP Quickstart. It too has the basic rules of play, pre-generated characters, and a short adventure. The adventure The Wedding Knight from the SIFRP Narrator’s Kit is also a good choice.

DC Adventures

If you are looking for a good short demo, check out the DC Adventures Quickstart: Batman vs. Bane. It’s a punch up between these famous adversaries and an easy introduction to the Mutants & Masterminds rules that power DC Adventures.

Mutants & Masterminds

For a taste of Mutants & Masterminds itself, you can download the adventure The Silver Storm, the Prologue to our Emerald City Knights adventure series. You can also grab the Sentinels, a ready to go super team.


As you are no doubt aware, we are running a Kickstarter for a new edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure. That book is for the Pathfinder rules, but if you want to run the module that started it all, you can get the True20 version of Death of Freeport for free and the download the True Quickstart rules!

Walk the Plank

OK, it’s not free, but if you want a break between your RPG sessions, we’ve put Walk the Plank on sale for $9.95. This is a quick and fun trick taking game with a pirate theme. So easy you can play it with your grandma and yes, this has been field tested with actual grandmas!